How To Keep Pictures in the Memory
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How To Keep Pictures in the Memory

Published at 03/11/2012 14:59:59


How To Keep Pictures in the Memory

This article is all about saving pictures and keeping them in memory for ever. How you can save your pictures by keeping them in memory. With the technology advancement digital cameras and camera phones are in everybody’s hand. Now you have the ability to take high resolution photographs, using a very compact device. It is easy to always have a camera with you to capture both formal and informal pictures in any place at any time. This is automatically done, that device or memory card takes the photograph from the digital camera or camera phone so that our photos stay on the device or memory card until we deliberately trash them. In case you lose your camera or your phone is stolen or if your memory card is accidentally erased. All of your pictures would be lost in an instant. So in order to avoid your pictures from being lost, you should take some measures which are discussed in below.

Step 1

Regularly copy the images from camera, mobile phone or memory card onto the computer. You should import and organize your pictures onto your computer for easy access and viewing. It is a good practice to designate a directory for Pictures and then save the pictures into different folders in that particular directory, that will categorize and separate different pictures. This way you can quickly find the pictures you want at a later time. This is also a good time to delete any of them which you do not want to keep, such as blurred photos or duplicated images.

Step 2

You should get in the habit of taking the pictures from the device and making its copy as a backup. You should never keep data in a single location, because any data medium can fail anytime, so you need to back up these from computer, onto a CD or DVD disk or a portable hard drive. Ideally, it is better to store this backup away from computer in case of fire or theft.

Step 3

Memory cards come in several varieties. The most common types are SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick and XD cards. Always format the memory card in camera each time after downloading and saving the pictures on computer. Don't use the computer to format the card. Cards can get fragmented like hard drives and formatting will de-fragment it which can improve performance and repair the file structure. Often, formatting will restore a corrupted card. It is advised to format memory card after each and every transfer of all photos. It's a very quick and painless way to delete all photos.

Step 4

You can create a backup of your favorite photographs on any online storage services such as Flickr, Kodak Gallery etc. This is one of the best ways of keeping pictures safe. Because your pictures get stored on server and then you can access them from all over the world. You don't need to keep your pictures on computer or any other storage hardware device.

Step 5

You can make use of photo slide scanners that were developed to save memories all in a single location. With this device you can save all your photographs to computer's hard drive.


How To Keep Pictures in the Memory

Memory cards are cheap, so you can get multiple cards for different albums of pictures, and label them with appropriate title.


Everybody loves to take pictures of their events or occasions. These are our memories and they need to be kept in a special place. However, accidents happen and we could lose them by mistake. So we need to keep them in memory where they could be safe. In this article we discussed the ways to get them save so that we don't have to face the problem of losing pictures again in future.


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