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In this tutorial, it will be explained how things work in the world of memory cards-- more precisely in the world of SD memory or Secure Digital flash cards. It is not only important choosing a SD memory but also the choice of the device that will use the memory card. Primarily, you got to think to the acquisition of the device that will carry the memory card, it must be future proof-- that is to support the technology that will occur in the next period. You will learn in this tutorial everything related to SD memory card, card types more precisely.


When buying a gadget you should be aware of supported memory card formats, the most common today is the SD memory: Mini SD and Micro SD or Micro SD HC who became overnight the most popular SD memory card used for portable data storage and pocket devices. You must be careful in the future with the gadget supported formats, the most important thing is that your device must have support for SD HC and SD 2.0, this means that the device is ready for the future when it comes to storage and you can upgrade your SD memory in the future, using HC SD memory cards with capacities unimaginable today.

Another thing to be very careful of is the card speed class, it shows how fast the card we want to buy is going to be. SD memory speed classes start at number 2 and they have reached so far 12. In laboratories can run more advanced SD memory cards but on the market are available up to 10 or 12. On the common market you will find very often SD memory cards of Class 2 and 4, you rarely find class 6 cards and often you will find class 10 but they are extremely expensive and are used in professional environments. SD memory HC Class 10 is used in devices like DSLR and HD camcorder, which require a small and fast storage solution. Price difference between a Class 2 card and a Class 6 is not very big; it is worth for a small enough amount of money to not make compromises. Class 2 card write speed is 16Mb or 2 megabytes and a Class 6 card has a guaranteed minimum write speed of 48 Mb per second or 6 megabytes.


The principle is simple, Class equals guaranteed minimum write speed in megabytes, a file will be written with 6 megabytes in one second with a Class 6 card and with a Class 2 it takes 3 seconds. Whatever your choice, choose carefully, study several shops offers before and, remember, the device that will accommodate the SD memory card must support SD HC card and SD 2.0. You must always take into account the price of the memory card. If the price is too high you can always search for another product. You can find cheap and reliable SD memory cards in the shops or on the Internet.

By Icarus, published at 02/16/2012
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Best Sd Memory Cards. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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