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How Many Storage Memory Sticks Do I Need?


WE all need memory flash disks these days in our daily work. Business professionals use to transfer their presentations and documents from their offices to home or to work when travelling, students use them to carry their assignments to class and Mom uses it to share her home pictures with her friends and family or use it as a safe storage unit for all the official family documents. Clearly the device has a very important significance in our lives. A lot of my work would never be possible if I didn’t have on these cards. Now a memory stick is a handy device used to store and carry data from places to places or from your hard drive to other computers. The product belongs to Sony corporations and is nothing more than an alternate form of carrying your data all around. The memory stick is a form of memory card. Memory cards are storage devices that use flash memory which means that they can store information and data even if they have no constant power supply. The data is hence recoverable. Now the question arises is that how many memory sticks do I need for myself and for my work?


The thing is that memory sticks can be used in multiple places. If you’re using any kind of Sony product then you’re bound to find a small slot for memory sticks input. If you check out a cyber shot or own a cyber shot you’d probably know that a it doesn’t use memory cards, rather they use memory sticks. Of course Sony would always use it’s own patented products as a un-substitutable accessory. Usually Sony cameras only accept memory sticks. Now how many sticks could use for this device? Normally one would be quiet enough provided that one is one with lots of space. Of you’re going to a party a 4GB memory stick for your camera would get you lots of pictures of the evening but it would’nt be enough if you were going on vacation. A week long vacation at the Bahamas would probably make you snap every second of the day. Unless you have a laptop with you with enough space for you to transfer your pictures every night you will definitely more than one storage card there.


Most mp3 players today do not have built in memory. That was originally the concept till some popular brands decided to put in a built-in hard disk. However, most mp3 players today require you to use memory sticks as a storage unit. For those mp3 players you would probably only require a 1GB – max 4GB memory stick, depending on the frequency and intensity you listen to music. For those teens that listen to music from the moment they wake to the moment their eyes shut down you would need a much higher capacity of card. The most traditional use of a memory stick would be to use it as a flash disk to carry and transfer data around. You could simply slip the card into memory stick reading device that you get both as built in option in laptops or as a external reader.

Tips and comments

Memory sticks are very handy and useful storage units. They are used in multiple products allowing you to use one card in many of your peripherals. The decision on how many storage sticks you need depends the one the amount of memory you require and how many people will be using it and when they would be using it. A business manger might need to get every employee a memory stick for their own work instead of all sharing one large storage capacity stick.

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