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Reviews on a the Pixma Canon Inkjet Printer

Published at 02/22/2012 01:03:58


Canon has launched its new flagship of the PIXMA Pro series, the Canon inkjet printer PIXMA PRO-1. The world's first A3 printer with 12 ink cartridges with a design inspired by the EOS series, the stylish Canon inkjet printer PIXMA produces the best quality color and monochrome printing, ideal for professional and advanced photographers. The exceptional level of productivity makes the Canon inkjet printer PIXMA ideal for use in commercial studios and exhibitions.

The unique system with 12 cartridges significantly expands the range of color reproduction. The Canon inkjet printer PIXMA features the new Chroma Optimizer for black and uniform brightness. With the five black cartridges you can make professional-quality monochrome prints with excellent detail in shadow areas and fine black tonal gradations. The new generation of cartridges with LUCIA pigment is used to give images an impressive consistency.

Canon inkjet printer PIXMA PRO-1 supports 1200ppi resolution images (double the previous generation of PIXMA Pro printers). The printer can reproduce faithfully quality photos taken with a professional camera and print images at resolutions up to 4800x2400dpi. With the new Optimum Image Generating System (OIG) you can examine images and calculate the exact color combination and quantities for each photo. The Canon inkjet printer PIXMA has a CANON FINE print head with 12,288 nozzles.

The OIG improves the color reproduction, natural gradations and degree of brightness in each print mode and type of paper. The Canon inkjet printer PIXMA can make paper look so realistic that you will be drawn into the landscape. Fine gradations of color are possible thanks to the printing capability of 16-bit per channel. The Canon inkjet printer PIXMA PRO-1 has three color modes, including the new Photo Color that is reproducing vivid tones of blue and green.

Linear Mode Linear Tone reproduces color tones, while ICC Profiles mode allows users to use color profiles for specific paper types or create their own profiles. PIXMA PRO-1 can print a gallery-quality image in about 2 minutes and 55 seconds, much less compared to the 7 minutes and 55 seconds of PIXMA Pro9500 MkII. The Canon inkjet printer PIXMA ink cartridge is 2.5 times higher than the nearest model and provides higher usage periods without frequent interruption of printing processes.


The front panels allow easy access to cartridges, for high efficiency. The rear tray can be loaded with up to 20 sheets of photo paper, while the manual feed tray supports photo paper with a width of 356mm. For salable prints, a real-time volume control system stabilizes ink colors and ink density, ensuring consistency on all prints. Reliability in a commercial environment is ensured by using the functions normally available in professional printers, including a fan system for air circulation and an ink supply tube. The Ethernet network interface provides quick and easy connection to other network users. The PIXMA PRO-1 printer is a best buy for anyone. If you want a very good printer you do not need to search further.


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