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How To Find a Canon Pixma Printer


The Canon Pixma printer is a line of printers manufactured by Canon. The line of printers called Canon Pixma are designed for photo printing. These type of printers are commonly referred to as photojet printers. The advantages of a photojet printer is that it will print higher quality photos than a normal inkjet printer. These printers are made to handle thicker photo paper and tend to use more ink. The Pixma line consists of printers and mutifunction machines. The multifunction machines have copy, scanner, and fax capabilities. There is even a line of professional grade machines for professional photographers and graphic artists. Each printer has different functions and specifications which will help determine how it would fit one's needs. 

Step 1

Browse Canon's website to look at printer specifications and descriptions. Canon has a section on their website that lists all the different Pixma printers and multifunction machines. Click on each one to see the specifications and pricing for each model. Clicking the check box next to Compare will allow multiple machines to be compared at once. Users have the ability to browse reviews on each printer and buy directly from Canon. 

Step 2

Visit a website that offers reviews of the Canon Pixma printers. Canon does have a list of reviews on their printers, but it is always best to get a second opinion. Visit different shopping websites to see what kind of reviews their shoppers gave each Canon Pixma printer. A printer with consistently bad reviews should not be considered to be a worthy purchase. 

Step 3

Set a price range that can be spent on a new printer. Printers are generally inexpensive unless some crazy features are needed, or the printer is a laser printer. Keep in mind the type of features needed in a printer. One does not have to go out and buy the most expensive Canon Pixma Printer if it is not necessary. Some features that will cost more on a printer are Wi-Fi, scanner, fax, and LCD display. If none of those features are needed, a printer under $50 would suffice. 

Step 4

Browse local and online retailers to determine the best price for the best Canon Pixma printer. Where one looks for a Canon Pixma printer will determine the price. Typically online retailers such as Amazon, Tiger Direct, and tend to have cheaper prices than big box stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and H. H. Greg. Scouring the sales ads can also save some money when looking for a printer. 

Step 5

Purchase the Canon Pixma printer that fits your needs. Keep in mind the specifications that are needed in a printer. Make sure the printer that is chosen will be compatible with the PC it will be used for and how it will meet your needs. If a multifunction machine is needed, then make sure to purchase one. 


  • Always check to make sure a printer is compatible with the PC it will be used with. 
  • Always read reviews before purchasing a Canon Pixma printer. 
  • Make note of the type of ink needed for the Canon Pixma printer. 
  • Consider purchasing an extended warranty for the printer. 

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By Nastassia Bushey, published at 03/02/2012
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