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How To Get High Quality Print Results


Quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true of print outs on paper. Sometimes, people send jobs to a printer, just to obtain physical and tangible documentation, in hand. Initially, the quality of the document may not be of a major concern, especially if things look okay on the computer screen in Print Preview mode.

However, the end user of a print out may expect high quality documents and pictures, as a matter of courtesy. For example, if a professional needs to print out a business proposal to present to investors and clients, he or she should not skimp on the quality of the document. If the print out has poor quality then your business deals may suffer in the end.

If you need to ensure high quality print results each and every time you go to print out documents, you should consider these five separate steps in the course of your every day and overall printer usage.

Step 1

Use brand name ink so that your printer always produces high quality print outs. Major printer manufacturers include HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Brother. You will find that replacement ink cartridges carry the same brand name and associated logo as the company that originally manufactured the printer. Using products made by the same company ensures a level of quality assurance, as compared to using third-party or generic ink products that may not have the same quality standards.

Step 2

Obtain paper stock that has the same brand name get high quality print outs. This is more necessary for glossy photo paper than regular letter-sized paper. However, for stationery, such as business cards, you want paper that is most compatible with the ink so that text and images don't blur or smudge away on a photo or business card.

Step 3

Change properties of the document or photo to a high quality setting before sending the job to the printer. In most modern inkjet printers you can open the Printer Properties dialog box and select the Advanced, or similarly titled tab. Change the print quality from Normal to "Fine" or "High." Consult your printer's instruction manual for exact step by step procedures.

Step 4

Edit the document in its native program or application so that it produces a high quality print out. For example, use Bold fonting to thicken text in a document make it more legible.

Step 5

Buy a new printer that offers a higher resolution for quality printing. The average inkjet printer might only produce 1200 by 1200 dots per inch. The best printers produce high quality text and images in the 2400 by 2400 dots per inch range.


  • Replace the cartridge if it is low on ink. This could be the reason why you are not getting high quality print outs.

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