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How To Install the Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer


Machines are considered to be the best creations ever created by human beings. This is due to their ability to make work easier and also perform their operations diligently and without errors. Machines are diverse and cover almost every work sector. Among the departments covered by machines are the printing and photocopying jobs which are covered by the Canon pixma inkjet printer. This device has the capability of manipulating any printing and photocopying job to its maximum potential. However, for you to use this device you must first install it into your computer. This is quite a simple process which can be done by using the following steps.

Step 1

The first step is to check whether your computer can support the Canon pixma inkjet printer. This printer is linked to your computer through the USB port. Therefore ensure your computer has this port and is correctly connected.

Step 2

The next step is to download the drivers and installation program for the Canon pixma inkjet printer. To perform this task you will need to log into the internet and open the official canon website. When it loads click on the support and drivers tab. When you buy a canon inkjet printer sometimes you might be lucky and have the drivers in a CD.

Step 3

Choose the products name and module number. However when doing this considers the type of operating system that you are using. This is because different products of the Canon pixma inkjet printer support different drivers for different operating systems.

Step 4

Download the Canon pixma inkjet printer installation setup program. Chose a storage location in your computer where you would like the files to be stored for easy remembrance and retrieval. When the download is complete click on the open access tab to launch the installation wizard.

Step 5

Installation of the Canon pixma inkjet printer setup application will be fast and easy. All you have to do is follow a series of questions which the installation wizard will ask. First you will need to select a storage location where the files will be stored. Usually the default is set to hard drive C but you can change it. Then proceed to follow the next laid out steps. Once you have read and understood the Canon pixma inkjet printer terms and user licence agreements, agree to the terms of use.

Step 6

The next step will be to set the default settings by clicking on the “next” button that is displayed at the bottom of your installation wizard window. Click on the “finish” button to exit the installation wizard and also to confirm successful installation of your Canon pixma inkjet printer setup program.

Step 7

The next step of installing canon pixma inkjet priter is to shut down all running programs and restart your computer. This is a basic procedure used to maintain your computer after every installation. Browse to control panel and double click or click and enter on devices and printers. Click on add a printer and a wizard will emerge.

Step 8

A printer wizard will instruct you through the next instructions of adding the canon pixma inkjet printer into your list of devices. Highlight the name of your printer and your computer will detect the printer you are installing. Click on finish to exit. In the case that your computer does not detect the Canon pixma inkjet printer after successful driver installation, go to troubleshoot actions and try to repair.


Your Canon pixma inkjet printer is now ready to use and can know enjoy its performances. You may print a test paper to ensure that your printer is fully operational.

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By Hannah, published at 03/15/2012
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