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How To Install Ink in a Canon Inkjet Printer


You will need to learn how to change the ink in your inkjet printer canon because this is something that will have to be done every now and then. If you print a lot, you may run out of ink quicker than others. The ink in your inkjet printer canon is used to form the words and images that you print from your computer. After being used often, the ink will run out and will have to be replaced with a new cartridge. The process of changing the ink may seem difficult at first, but will only take you a few minutes after getting the hang of it.

Step 1

Purchase the correct ink cartridges for your inkjet printer canon. You can buy ink at any office supply store or online. To find out what type of ink your printer takes, simply refer to the owners manual that came with your printer. If you do not have this manual anymore, you can open up the lid of your printer and snap one of the current ink cartridges out of place. Bring the ink to the store with you to find the same type. Depending on your needs, you may only need to buy black ink or color ink. You may be able to buy a package that contains both black and color ink together.

Step 2

After you have the new ink for your inkjet printer canon, you can turn on the printer. There should be a button on your printer that will turn the machine on, just as you would usually start it up. Open up the lid of the printer to find the old ink that you will be replacing.

Step 3

The ink cartridges should automatically come forward into your reach once you have opened up the inkjet printer canon lid. If they do not move automatically, you can reach your hand into the printer and gently move the mechanism towards you. Once the ink cartridges are in view in front of you, can you can begin to replace them.

Step 4

Find the ink cartridge that needs to be replaced, whether it is black, color, or both, and pull it out towards you. This should snap the ink cartridge out of place and out of the inkjet printer canon. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the ink cartridge, or your could get ink on your hands. Get out your new ink cartridge and pull off the tape, usually red in color. In the same direction that the old ink cartridge faced, snap the new one into place, by pushing back and downwards. You should hear a click when the ink is installed correctly.

Step 5

Close the printer lid  on your inkjet printer canon and wait for the ink the shift back into it's correct place. Your printer may then ask you if this is a new ink cartridge. Simply click yes on the inkjet printer canon and wait for it to complete. If it does not ask you anything, you can print out a test sheet to make sure that the ink is working and is aligned correctly.


Ink can be very expensive, so wait until it is completely empty before replacing the ink cartridge in the inkjet printer canon.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 02/24/2012
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