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How To Use Laser Color Printers


Using laser color printers is more the same as using other printers in existence. This does not require many skills from books and other resources since it is a simple step procedure. Nowadays, laser color printers are common machines employed in almost every household. Learning how to use these printers could be challenging at first but all becomes easy at the end. This is because of numerous buttons it harbors and the link between it and the computer.

Step 1

In order to know how to use laser color printers, a person must be equipped with little knowledge of using the computer. This is not complicated as most people are computer literate these days. The color laser printer, just like any other receives commands from the computer. After this, it follows some processes and delivers the hard copy output.

Step 2

To begin with, laser color printers must be checked for proper installation. Fro new printers, some installation procedure is required before using it. This is followed by printing out some test paper after going through the proper check. The process begins by simply turning the color laser printer on. This is by use of a power button located on the printer. This should be followed by a confirmation message on the computer. This message confirms that the printer is on and works appropriately.

Step 3

This is then followed by opening the material/page one wants to print. If the page is from the Internet, one should go to the file menu and select the page set up option. This provides you with a list of print options whereby you can make the relevant adjustments. You can also check if the right laser color printers are linked. This is by clicking the Printer button and then the OK button once the printer is right.

Step 4

The other case is whereby the page exists in the computer. To use the laser color printers for this case, one should open their document from the location saved. This is then followed by using the File menu and selecting the Print Setup this time round. This can also be achieved by combining the control button and letter P, Ctrl + P. This opens the print setup page whereby one can make the necessary adjustments for printer options. When the page is setup correctly, one can then select Print option from the File menu. This can also be achieved by clicking the icon of the laser color printers located on the tool bar.

Step 5

All the print work is left for the laser color printers. There is the right technical procedure in which the printer follows to come up with the hard copy print. This should not bother a person as it requires no intervention. The only thing to consider is refilling the ink in the cartridges once it’s through. Installing the cartridge follows another procedure that comes later.


Using laser color printers is that simple. The main aim of employing the printer is to achieve clear print copy. This is not a hard task as one would think. All it entails is having some computer operation knowledge. Laser color printers present clear images and text for the overall print work thus one should consider employing one.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/08/2012
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