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How Do Color Laser Printers Work


Laser color printers are now very affordable for home users. Most people purchase these printers, but do not understand how they work.

Just like any other printer, printers color laser is a peripheral device used with computers. This offers high quality output in terms of graphics and text. Their printing mode is the xerographic you that makes them much alike with digital photocopiers.

The earliest printers color laser was devised in the year 1969. This was a modification from a xerographic copier. The printer was made with a spinning drum that contained eight mirrored sides. A laser was then incorporated on the drum to provide light that would bounce in the drum as it spun. These are the main principles to the functioning of color laser printers.

For printers color laser to start functioning, it receives target data from the PC. This data is then route through a central printer controller. This controller acts as the brain of the printer. The central controller for color laser printer can handle a number of tasks at a go. It then queues them and prints them for hard copy. This capability is what makes the printers color laser very accepted trendy machines.

The drum inside the printers color laser contains electric charges. A transfer corona roller that manages the positive or negative charges controls the charge required. This is in addition to a toner unit that works together with the roller. The laser inside the drum is manipulated by the controller so placing image/writing on the drum. This is achieved with a negative charge.

The printers color laser drum then rolls through the positively charged toner. This brings about attraction between the drums negative charges and the toners positive charges. The printer then supplies a paper that is then charged with strong negative charges by the transfer corona. The paper is the rolled beside the drum whereby the image formed by electrostatic forces is transferred to the paper.

After electrostatic image transfer, the paper is immediately discharged to prevent hold on the drum. The paper is then supplied through the fuse that heats the toner. This heating causes it to bind with electrostatic image in the paper. The task does not end here, the printers color laser drum is exposed to a discharge lamp that wipes out the entire electrostatic image. After this, the transfer corona wire supplies other positive charges to the drum. This prepares the printer for the next page and the procedure repeats itself.


This whole procedure of printers color laser functioning involves charges. The positive and negative charges work cordially to achieve electrostatic images that are transferred to the print paper. This is the simple procedure in which color laser printers function.

Color laser printers have higher performance compared to other types. There are those that print over a hundred pages in a minute depending on the brand. This shows they are very reliable but the higher their performance, the higher costs when purchasing.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/07/2012
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