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Flatbed Scanner With Best Techonalogy


A device used to scan objects or images is known as scanner. Technically a scanner means a computer peripheral or a stand-alone device that converts a document, film, graphic, or photograph to a digital image, manipulable through an appropriate software. Flatbed Scanner is a scanner that provides a flat, glass surface to hold pages of paper, books and other objects for scanning. The scan head is moved under the glass across the page. Usually sheet feeders are not available with scanner, however they are totally optional that is users can have them if they want. By exercising the option multiple sheets can be fed automatically.


Let’s understand the basic technology on which scanner works, it will help to decide which technology is the best for Flatbed Scanner. Scanner actually collects light using CCDs or Charged Coupled Devices that collects light from florescent light bulbs shining into the mirrors to copy the image back on to CCD, which is then converted from light into electronic signals and transferred to computer.

How does best technology Flatbed Scanner works? It involves a glass on which objects or document are placed with face down for scanning. Mostly they use good quality tempered glass. The Scanner has a built in light source which is LED light. This light is usually connected with voltage battery or ballast to ensure continuous provision of light.


The sensor in a Flatbed Scanner is the device that reads the light reflected from the document or image. A sensor array contains light-sensitive diodes that convert analog light waves into a digital signal. Some scanner arrays contain three rows of sensors. Each row is calibrated to measure red, blue or green light. Few scanners uses filter placed either in front of light source or over the sensor array to filter the red, blue or green light.

Flatbed Scanner uses a carrier to move down the scanner’s length. Process of scanning involves slicing up the image and then starting then process of scanning. Circuitry in the scanner then assembles these slices sequentially to create the whole image for transfer to a computer. Once scanning is done image is transferred to computer.
The best scanner’s technology uses 48-bit value scanner which enables it to capture the details of the image. When a Flatbed Scanner is able to scan A3 type paper it shows that it works on best technology.

A Flatbed Scanner has an advantage of scanning poor quality or non standard weight paper. They are easy to use for new users as they can adjust the settings according to their requirements and then he/she just needs to press a button and start scanning. They have an additional advantage of scanning larger documents without bending them.

Tips and comments

There were the few disadvantages of using Flatbed Scanner. They are very costly that is why they are not in range of common users. They are so large and bulky which creates difficulty while working with them. Due to their large size they take wider space.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/23/2012
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Flatbed Scanner With Best Techonalogy. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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