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All in One Printers Are a Cheaper Option


Due to advancement in technology today, almost every bit of information and transactions are being done on computers or online now, be it school assignments, bank transactions, office work and even reading the newspaper. You can avoid having to print the newspaper, but teachers and clients and other legal formalities require you to print your work for submission. This has done wonders for the printer manufacturers like HP and Canon. They are able to sell printers to offices, schools, households, shops and basically anywhere you can find a computer. One invention within this era is the all-in-one printers. These printers serve all purposes, like printing documents and photos, with additional hardware features that make it possible for you to scan and copy documents. Most all-in-one printers have built in fax machines as well.


So is it true what they say about all-in-one printers. Are they really a cheaper option? Are they much easier to maintain and handle? Today you are probably going to go to the store and find some printers like the basic HP printer for the same price as buying two new cartridges for that same printer. So how is it cheaper to buy all purpose printers? There are two ways to clear this rumor. The first is that all-in-one printers are cheap because of their collective worth. When you buy an all-in-one printer you get with a printer a copier, a scanner and a fax option. Normally, a good printer would cost you around a $100-$150, if you want a scanner then that is another $50-$90 and finally a fax machine will easily cost you another $100. So that nearly sums up to $300-$400. Now you can choose to either spend $400 on three separate hardware devices for your work, or you can just choose to buy one all-in-one printer, that will cost you around $250 -- $300. Of course, these prices are rough figures, since there is a high chance you will get these printers for even cheaper.


The second reason why these printers are a better option is because of the replaceable ink cartridges. Of course, you will find most printers with laser ink options but some all in one printers use normal ink cartridges. You can buy these cartridges either from the original manufacturer of the company, or you can get a cheaper substitute on eBay or the Chinese market. Standard ink cartridges are mostly used in multiple printers so there is a good chance you will get cheaper Chinese ink cartridges that are replicas of the real ones for your printer and they cost nearly one-third of what you would pay for the original. However, Hp Company strictly warns its users from using these replica cartridges and recommends them to use only original Hp cartridges, for the sake of the printer. You even have the option of refilling your cartridges.

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So basically all-in-one printers save you a bundle of money on your computer commodities and give you additional features. Fax machines are usually an option in the pricier printers, but without it, it is much cheaper and more suitable for home based use.

By Amara, published at 02/14/2012
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All in One Printers Are a Cheaper Option. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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