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Types Of All in One Printers


Printers are essential devices whether you have a home office or a business. In addition to the convenience of being able to print documents when you need them, they can also serve other purposes. There are so many models and brands of printers that it becomes difficult to narrow down choices to find the right device  that fits your home or business office needs and requirements. The article explores the types of printers all in one existing in the markets to provide an overview of what's out there.


Printers as computing peripherals have come a long way from when they were first manufactured and released in the consumer market. Back then, they were simpler such as impact printers, teleprinter, daisy wheel, and dot matrix printers. They only printed documents. At that time, these printers could only produce pages in black and white. Then came devices that could print in color and afterwards, the concept of printers all in one materialized. As technology improved considerably in the last decades, manufacturers came up with printers all in one with several functions. Thus, these multi-purpose printers came to life and became popular because they integrate functions, improve productivity levels, and save space.


There are several types of printers all in one available in the market today. The most common units used by home offices are devices that combine two functions: printing and scanning. These 2 functions are often needed in day to day computing activities.

Another kind of all in one printers are those machines that integrate 3 to 4 functions. The most prevalent types are printers all in one serving as a printer, scanner, and a facsimile machine. Printing is still the main function of the device but in addition, a part of the machine performs scanning. The top part of the printer is where the document rests for scanning and the device itself can be configured to serve as a fax machine. While sizes of printers all in one are bigger than a traditional ink jet printer, they are space savers compared to having 3 machines on your table.

4 in 1 printers also exist as another type of printers all in one. In addition to printing, scanning and fax functions, you can photocopy documents as well. Although the fax machine serves as a photocopier already, in the case of 4 in 1 devices, the added function of a real photocopier is there, where you are able to adjust the number of pages you want copied and print on both sides at a higher volume. In addition, there is an automatic feeder tray and an SD slot for direct printing without going through your computer.

Stand alone, multi-function printers are other kinds of printers all in one suitable for big offices and businesses. They are bigger in size, faster and have added functions than standard 3 or 4 in one printers. The print quality produced is much better than those from smaller devices and can accommodate large printing needs perfect for businesses or companies whose main activity is publishing. They have larger capacities for storing data in addition to a scanning option. Networking is efficient enabling employees to print from anywhere in the office without getting each staff separate printing devices. Publishers use this type of printers all in one because in addition to higher speeds and better resolution output, they can also do other tasks such as making and inserting covers. ‘Hot glue binding’ is also a possibility improving the printing output and turnover significantly.

Tips and comments

Shop around before deciding on printers all in one that you need to buy. Take into account that replacement ink and toners are significant costs that you need to factor in.

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