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How To Access Pc From Remote Computer


Remote PC access is a way to access your computer from another computer through the Internet. There are a number of advantages for PC remote access software. Generally, these options are utilized by persons and companies to disclose information, cooperate on work, recover files from a remote computer and deliver remote technological assistance.

Step 1

Technological assistance has now become popular among remote access users as it provides an easy assistance compared to delivering instructions through phone or mail. There are numerous ways to access computers from PC remote in order to assist a person who is experiencing system problems.

Step 2

Install the software on your own system as well as on the remote computer. You have to install the software on your own processor, and then it will enable you to regulate the other computer remotely. You can purchase the PC remote access software online or from a retail shop. Remote computer programs for private use and small trade purposes are not costly and you can sometimes locate freeware or trial versions. You can also get access into this facility by installing the software on the other PC.

Step 3

This will be achieved by sending the downloaded link through mail or sending the software itself as an attachment. The software has two portions. One is a "customer" part, which is meant for the "domestic" computer which will be providing the technical support. The second part is meant for the "server" fixed on the computer remotely.

Step 4

After running the PC remote access software on individual computers, you can get connected distantly to the other PC. The procedure may vary with the software you depend. You can always get an instruction guide to carryover your installation. Once you are coupled, you can see the other computer which you are regulating.

Step 5

Then you have complete access to the desktop. You are also provided with the capacity to install and even run software on the PC, like analytic tools and malware elimination programs.


You can troubleshoot the problems of your computer by utilizing the remote repair software. If your computer problems are not fixed and repaired properly, you can stop your payments. The technician is motivated to deliver their best service in order to be paid. PC technicians employed for online PC repair firms are usually experts in their profession. In order to gain good customer support, these companies  hire certified technicians.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/25/2012
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