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10 Amazing Tips For Remote Access Software


  • Many manufacturers of remote access software have a free test edition that lets you try their software for free for a specific time, normally a month or so. Take benefit of this before buying by downloading the software on some of the computers that you will be using.

Step 1

  • When you use PC remote access software, odds are you will be linking to the server PC from different places. Before buying, experiment with running the software while using a lower bandwidth connection and observe what takes place.

Step 2

  • You can download different remote access software on the server PC and then test them one by one to know which one would be better for your use. This will allow you to check not only the performance, but also the different features provided by various remote access software tools made by several companies. You will then be able to make a more knowledgeable and certain decision as to which program is the best for you.
  • PC Remote Access Software will demand that you have a substantial quantity of RAM and CPU power at hand. It is suggested that you confirm that your system surpasses the minimum system requirements for the PC remote access software that you are using. This is particularly essential if you plan to use resource demanding applications like graphics programs or video editing tools remotely.

Step 3

  • The quicker your internet connection is, the better the performance of the remote access software will be. You can be using the best remote access software in the world, but if you have a sluggish internet connection that crashes every few minutes, then your experience will certainly be less than the optimum.
  • If you want your remote access software to work nicely, then you should confirm that the computer that you will be remotely accessing does not possess lots of software running simultaneously as that can waste RAM and CPU power in addition to bandwidth.


  • When you are using remote access software, you will be continuously streaming the desktop of the remote system and controlling it, exactly like playing a multi player video game. Thus, to get the optimum performance, the client PC should possess a swift internet connection so that you don't experience jerky looking graphics when using remote desktop tools.
  • Always keep your password confidential. If someone knows your password they can log in and do whatever they wish without leaving a clue. Always stick to the suggested password advices given by the software provider.


  • As a guideline, do not save private information on any computers that can be accessed remotely – particularly if you have many users that can access different machines. For home use, you should always password protect those private folders as an extra step of safety.
  • It’s essential that bigger institutions hire an IT manager to handle the remote access software. You should apply some policies as to who is permitted which access and if you permit server access then you have to ensure that your security system can deal with it.
By John, published at 02/21/2012
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