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For professionals, it is very much needed at times to access their work PC from home or from some other location. This access PC remote helps in working from home and other locations through the office PC. Supposedly, a person needs some data from his workstation at weekends or late at night, he cannot go to his office to get that data. Similarly, there may be a meeting outside the office in a while in which something needs to be presented but it is stored in work PC. Having an access PC remote can solve this problem easily.

Step 1

Windows is the most widely used operating systems, used for office and home PC. Let us discuss about how to access PC remote through windows. First of all it is necessary for the remote PC and the PC on hand to have the same operating system.

Step 2

Go to my computer, right click on it and choose properties from the drop down menu. Once it opens, choose the tab with the name remote on it. Remember that remote desktop is not already active and it needed to be activated at the time of use. After clicking on remote tab, there will be options saying remote assistance and remote desktop mark both of them. After that there will be a warning for the confirmation, asking for correct port; click ok.

Step 3

The warning window will disappear and in the new window there will be a tab “select remote users”. Click that tab and add the users who are allowed to have access PC remote. Remember that while connecting to the remote PC, system cannot be used for anything.

Step 4

Here comes the need of the remote desktop software. Most of the times it is already installed with the windows but in case it’s not there, install it. After the installation, access the software from start menu and open it. Here a window will appear that will ask about the IP of the PC to which access is needed. Enter the IP, username and password and click it ok.

Step 5

There is a tip that if the LAN speed is slow, reduces the pixel size of the display by changing the display settings. But is the speed is good, leave it as it is. For having access PC remote faster, change other settings too. Make everything simple, low definition and less fancy.

Step 6

Also, turn off the sounds and desktop themes too. Now select the other setting at optimum level and also select the drives that you want to access through access PC remote. Once again the software will ask for confirmation, enter user ID and password for confirmation and now you are allowed to use that PC.


Now the person will complete access PC remote and he can do his job smartly, perform the alterations or desired work easily. Once done, with the work through access PC remote, it’s time to disconnect it.


Don’t leave it connected and disconnect as soon the work is finished. Go to the start menu and see the bottom of the menu. There will be an option of disconnection, click that and it will be disconnected.

By John, published at 02/24/2012
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