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How Remote Access Software Pc Works


Remote desktop access or remote PC access is one of the gifts of technological revolution. With the help of the access to any remote PC, it has become easier to work from anywhere. Now if some data are required on an urgent basis and it is stored in office PC, there is no need to rush to the office. The office PC can be accessed right from home with the help of another PC. For having access to remote PC, an access to the internet, a good working PC and a remote access software PC is required. This remote access software PC works in a special way to facilitate the access to the remote PC and without the software, no connection is possible.

Step 1

When attempting to access a remote PC, the remote access software PC asks for different ports and protocols. Once done with using operating system’s settings for the remote connection, it’s time to open the software. Open the software, the software will ask about the ports, username, password and the internet protocol address. The software performs the security check, verify the entered values and then take it to the given address. It also verifies the values coming from the other system to make sure that there is no malicious program or item harmful for the PC.

Step 2

The remote access software PC in the controlling PC, shows the images and data which is being received from the computer in control on the controlling PC’s screen. The whole process takes place with the help of the internet. No matter how much faster the internet connection is, the data received from one PC on to another PC takes time. It gets updated after timed intervals.

Step 3

The data is received in the form of small packets; the software combines and presents it. The remote access software PC keeps track of every change going on in a controlled PC and update it on the controlling PC as soon as it notice.

Step 4

On getting connected to another PC, with the help of remote access software PC, the controlling computer uses its own keyboard and mouse to control the other PC.

Step 5

The remote system which is in control, works with the help of the accessories of the controlling PC. Whatever will be done through the keyboard and mouse of the controlling PC, it will be implemented on the other PC with the help of remote access software PC.


The computer which is being controlled will work on the commands sent by the controlling computer. It will work as if it is directly performing the ordered commands. The higher the graphical display and data, the more time it will take for the transmission. Once the connection is established between the two computers, now one can be controlled by the other easily.


It is important for the security reasons to use only the registered and authenticated remote access software. Malicious or unknown free software may result in stealing of data. Before giving the access, it’s better to make sure of the IP address and username to avoid any cheating.

By John, published at 02/15/2012
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