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How To Access a Remote Location

About remote access in windows

Access remote in windows simply implies being able to have access to your personal computer when you are at a remote location. To enable an access remote desktop, you are required to have administrative rights on the PC you wish to use as a host computer. 

Step 1

The host computer is the computer system you will connect your computer from when at a remote location. To have access remote in windows, your host computer should be either windows 7, windows XP professional or a version of windows vista business. The software for access remote desktop connection is a default installation on computers running the indicated windows versions.

Step 2

How to enable remote access feature on your host computer

To have an access remote feature on the desktop of your host computer is actually the first milestone in accessing your computer in a remote location. To enable this, go to the control panel of the desk top computer and simply double click on the system option. 

Step 3

In windows vista and 7, simply click on ‘remote settings’ icon to initiate remote connections on the computer. When using a windows XP version, you need to select on the option ‘Allow users to connect remotely to this computer’. You thus need to select the users who will have access remote on this depending on the specific windows of your system. 

Step 4

You will need to give each of the users a password to be able to access the computer remotely and administrators will typically be granted access by default. After you are fully done on all this, click on the OK option and your PC will definitely be able to receive remote connections from other computers.

Step 5

How to open a remote connection

Opening access remote is very easy when the computer is configured to accept other remote connections. To establish a connection, you need to have a VPN connection at yours computer’s host network. This will however depend on the computer system requirements and the configuration of your network area.

To enable access remote connection when at the start menu, select ALL Programs, then select accessories till you see an option with ’Remote Desktop Connection’. Next, you need to key in your host computer ip address at the space just next to ‘computer’. For some computers, you night be required to adjust your access remote connection settings like the size of your screen, local hard drives and printers availability, information about your login and anything information that may apply. Then just type in your user name, domain and enter your password and you will be connected.

Benefits of access remote

Unattended access remote of your PC enable you to control your PC under your home network, access your office computer at the comfort of your home or even gain control and access of your office computer while at home. Access remote is also very important for business computers as branch computers must be connected with one another. Access remote of computers is also very important for help desks and resellers as they need to be always in touch.

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