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Review Of the Top Remote Pc Access Services


Following is the list of what we consider the top ten remote PC access services.

  • Go To My PC is one of the greatest remote PC access services around at the moment. It defeats all the common troubles linked with accessing a computer remotely to make it simple enough for home users to handle, but good enough to fulfill the needs of business users. It’s also available at a really decent price.
  • Log Mein’s home remote access applications, Log Mein Pro and the free, reduced variant of the same software, offer a great solution for remotely accessing computers over the internet which will fulfill the requirements of home and business users equally.
  • Lap link Everywhere is a great remote PC access service which will let you access your remote PC from almost every device with a web browser and internet connection. Its simple set up procedure makes it appropriate for anyone from absolute amateurs to professional users.Team viewer is an expert remote PC access and assistance tool generally targeted at business and corporate users. Still, a free edition is obtainable for private use which includes many of the same features as in the professional editions.


  • PC Now by WebEx is an extremely secure and handy remote PC access solution. Home and business users equally should find everything they require in a remote PC access tool with PC Now and at really decent prices.
  • Show My PC is a simple desktop sharing and remote PC access tool with some helpful cooperation features. It doesn't provide the same extremely professional service some of the other goods in this list do, but it still works nicely and offers a lot of helpful features. The paid for choices are really modestly priced and appropriate for home or business users.


  • Star dock Multiplicity is an original application which lets you handle various PCs from one keyboard and mouse. It isn't quite a remote PC access tool in the same style as the other goods in our top ten, but it could be used to present a similar solution if the PCs you wish to handle are in the same room.
  • PC Anywhere is a high quality and skilled remote PC access application from Symantec, the manufacturers of the well-known Norton antivirus software. It is a completely featured piece of software. The one drawback is that it might be a bit too complicated for novice users to set up and run and is really costly in comparison with some of the easier solutions available.


  • Remotely Anywhere is a completely featured remote PC access tool which is perfect for use in business environment, but similarly helpful for home users. The software is somewhat more complicated than some other solutions. Nevertheless, even with just some essential computer knowledge, it should be simple to set up and running and gain access to any remote PC.

Real VNC is a reasonable remote PC access tool which is available in two versions appropriate for home and business users. It offers quick and useful remote access to computers running a range of various operating systems. It isn't quite as simple to set up as some of the solutions targeted directly at home users, but it offers more power over how connections are made.

By John, published at 02/21/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Review Of the Top Remote Pc Access Services. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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