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How To Use Remote Access Software


Remote access software is revolution in technological world. It is ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. Consider if important data is stored in office pc and that is required by employee who is not currently present in office so he no more needs to go to office to get data because with the help of remote access software he can have access to office network and retrieve data by sitting home or travelling. This is the gift of remote access that it has enabled people to work from anywhere but there are certain things needed to carryout this operation. Firstly access to remote PC, then access to the internet, a good working PC and a remote access software is required. This remote access software works in a unique way to get access to remote pc and without this software there is no possibility of such connection.

Step 1

A remote access server is the computer and associated software that is set up to handle users seeking access to network remotely. Sometimes called a communication server, a remote access server usually includes or is associated with a firewall server to ensure security and a router that can forward the remote access request to another part of the corporate network.

Step 2

People at branch offices, telecommuters, and people who are travelling may need access to the corporation's network. Home users get access to the Internet through remote access to an Internet service provider (ISP). Dial-up connection through desktop, notebook, or handheld computer modem over regular telephone lines is a common method of remote access.

Step 3

Remote access is also possible using a dedicated line between a computer or a remote local area network and the "central" or main corporate local area network.

Step 4

Working with remote access software:

When attempting to access a remote PC, Open the software, the software will ask about the ports, username, password and the internet protocol address. The software performs the security check, verify the entered values and then take it to the given address.

Step 5

The remote access software shows the images and data which is being received from the computer in control the whole process takes place with help of internet and it takes time. The data is received in small packets. The controlling pc on getting access to another computer through remote access software uses it own keyboard and mouse.


The controlled computer will work on the commands sent by the controlling computer. It will work as if it is directly performing the ordered commands. The higher size of data and images the more time it will take for transmitting data and it is important to use only registered remote access software.


Malicious and unknown software may result in stealing data and before giving access it is important to make sure IP address and username so that to avoid cheating and stealing of data. Remote access software can be used in PDA and smart phones as well and it save considerable amount of time and cost for corporation and it allows employees to cooperate in better way with each other.

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