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How To Stay Safe While Playing Football

Published at 03/29/2012 20:46:31


There is a misconception people have about football being a dangerous sport to play but playing football is not dangerous at all it is the people you are playing with that make it a dangerous sport to play. Many people enjoy participating in a game of football a great deal but everybody needs to learn to read each other’s body language and as soon as team players get worn out or upset it will be time to end the game.

Step 1

There are a number of other ways for people to enjoy playing football quite safely but they must first accept that with everything there are dangers and accidents cannot always be prevented. By realizing these things you will be able to optimize your chances of not getting seriously injured and will be able to avoid others getting seriously injured while playing football.

Step 2

In order to ensure everybody’s safety you will need to make sure that everybody is wearing the proper football equipment. Not only will they need to be wearing the equipment but it must not be cracked or damaged and should also fit perfectly. If you are wearing equipment that doesn’t fit correctly while playing football is just going to drastically increase the risk of serious injuries because the ill-fitting equipment will not be able to do its job correctly.

Step 3

Another way to reduce the risk of any injuries while playing a game of football is to investigate the area you are going to be playing at. Even if you’re playing football on a football field you will still want to have everybody walking the field prior to the game to ensure there is absolutely nothing on the field on that shouldn’t be there. If you find objects on the field or area you will want to remove them regardless of the objects size.

Step 4

Make sure that everybody knows if something is not feeling right with their bodies than they are to immediately stop playing football and leave the field. Many recreational players see football players on the television continue playing even when they are injured but they don’t realize how much of a risk these players are putting themselves in for irreparable damage.

Step 5

There is no reason anybody playing a game of recreational football should continue playing football if they are injured. If a player walks of the field there should be rules in place concerning teasing them because it is not a joking manner.


Every recreational game of football should be played in very close proximity to a location where immediate help can be obtained or called for if anybody gets injured. No matter how careful you are while playing football mistakes and injuries are going to happen to it is always best to have access to help if needed. You should also have a cell phone handy so that you can quickly call for an ambulance if needed prior to getting the injured individual back to the safe home.

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These are some of the best ways to ensure that you are all playing a safe game of football. While playing football unexpected injuries and emergencies can happen so it is best to always have a way to contact help. The best to initially avoid these emergencies from occurring in the first place is to make sure everybody has the proper football equipment and that it all fits properly. To make absolutely certain no one is going to get injured from circumstances not related to the actual game be sure to have everyone walk to field or playing area with you to ensure there is nothing there that shouldn’t be.


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