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How To Know If You Have An Allergy To a Cat


People that suffer from allergy cat can live normal lives. If you have a strong cat allergy, you should not have a cat as a pet and you should avoid visiting a home that has a cat. Before doing anything drastic with your cat, it is important to verify that you do have an allergy cat.

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The allergy cat appears when the immune system of a person has an exaggerated reaction to a normally inoffensive substance emanated by a cat. The causes of allergy cat can be diverse. Contrary to the general belief, it is not the fur of the cat that provokes the most severe allergic reactions.

Step 2

The most powerful allergenic substance emanated by a cat, is a protein that can be found in the small particles of skin that are naturally shed by a cat. This substance is sometimes found in the saliva and/or the blood of a cat. An allergy test can tell which variety of substance causes an allergic reaction.

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Although many animals have a protein that creates the allergenic reactions, the most powerful one is the substance emanated by a cat. This is why allergy cat is the most common type of allergy, and the most powerful one for some people.

Step 4

The reason for this is that the cats use their tongue to clean their fur, resulting in a large quantity of saliva in the environment.

Step 5

The allergies are not inherited, although it is common for children of parents suffering from allergy cat to have the same reaction. The risk is higher if both parents suffer from the same condition, but it is not because the condition is transmitted from the parents. It is because the child is not exposed to the potential allergenic factors since his early ages, therefore the body is not able to create the needed antibodies needed to fight the allergy.


The allergy cat can provoke many kinds of allergic reactions, and some of those reactions are not even recognized by the patient. Usually an inflammation at the level of the nose causing snoring and sneezing can be observed by people who suffer from allergy cat.

Another effect of allergy cat is the allergenic conjunctivitis. An inflammation of the tissues around the eyes will provoke rashes, and the diseased person would not be able to get rid of this problem until the allergenic factor is removed.

The direct contact with a cat can provoke skin rashes. Sometimes, those rashes are severe, and the people who suffer from strong allergy cat have to avoid contacts with those animals as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the allergy cat can’t be cured. The symptoms of this condition can be eased, and the patient can live with this condition, and even if there are some medicines that are able to eliminate the condition, or to make it more bearable. However, the condition will never disappear, so it is better to protect yourself even if you think you were cured from allergy cat.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/21/2012
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