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How To Get Allergy Relief Naturally


Allergies are a seasonal or year-round problem with symptoms varying from mild to severe. Natural allergy relief is an option for patients looking for a substitute to over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Those with moderate to severe symptoms should reconsider self-treatment and consult a doctor, but most mild allergy sufferers are pleased to find that they can stop their misery using a few basic techniques.

Step 1

Remove the Source

One of the simplest approaches in stopping the allergy nightmare is to remove the source that is causing allergy symptoms. It could be the scent of a perfume, a household cleaner, pet or the down feathers in your favorite pillow.


Allergy seasons vary geographically, but usually occur in the spring, early fall and late summer when pollen concentrations are at their peak. Knowing when allergy season starts can help with prevention and allergy relief. It's best to limit strenuous outdoor activities such as jogging or running during allergy season. The deeper and quicker breathing that accompanies such exertions will increase the number of allergens inhaled, leading to serious sinus symptoms. The best advice is to stay indoors during the mid-morning hours when allergens are at their highest level. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, outdoor activities only help to clear the sinuses when it is not allergy season.

To improve indoor air quality, equip air conditioners and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. They trap more than 97% of allergen particles, which makes them the best choice in removing air allergens in the home. The use of dust mite covers on pillows and mattresses will reduce sinus trouble and give allergy relief when sleeping.

Step 2

Dietary Changes

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise program to boost the immune system, so that it can naturally fight allergens. Eliminating certain foods is an easy way to reduce allergy issues. White flour and dairy products are known to promote production of mucus. Abstaining from these foods can result in allergy relief.

In some cases, spicing up your diet may also help. Eating spicy food can help in thinning and reducing mucus production. Ingredients like cayenne pepper, curry powder, ginger, onion, spicy peppers and garlic are best for natural allergy relief.


Consulting a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for acupuncture has been known to provide allergy relief. Acupuncture works by inserting needles in points of the body that motivate the immune system, which will reduce allergy symptoms. A study of twenty six allergy sufferers showed that acupuncture treatment helped eliminate symptoms in all twenty six patients with no side effects.

Step 3

Clearing Nasal Passages

A saline or salt water spray in the nostrils helps clean out annoying pollen and thin out mucus. Adding goldenseal to a saline solution will provide a natural boost. Goldenseal has an antibacterial action to help reduce nasal swelling.


Step 4

Bee Pollen Therapy

Taking a bee pollen supplement is another way to achieve natural allergy relief. Bee pollen is a serum that controls the antihistamines that cause allergy symptoms. Alternately, a daily teaspoon of unprocessed honey will offer similar allergy relief.

Step 5

Seasonal Freedom

Seasonal Freedom is an herbal formulation designed to reduce nasal sinuses. It works by supporting and enhancing the immune system response to the causes of allergies and reduces swelling. This product uses extracts from olive leaves, caper flowers, black currants and ginseng.



Contact a physician if allergy symptoms can not be controlled using natural means.

Allergy relief requires the use of many techniques.

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