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Finding the Right Treatment For Allergy Relief


Allergic reactions are basically the body's abnormal and troubling reactions towards certain particular substances known as allergens. Allergies are usually hypersensitive states of being when an individual may suffer extreme reactions because of certain allergens that are perfectly harmless to others.

The significance of allergens for allergy reactions largely depends on the immune system of the body. Many allergic people develop an excess amount of antibody IgE in the presence of certain allergens. These IgE antibodies attach themselves to a component of the immune system called mast cells. These mast cells then work on releasing of leukotrienes and histamines from some other cells thereby creating allergic reactions. In simple words, allergic reactions are a result of over-working of an individual's immune system.

Apart from IgE infused allergies, certain other allergic reactions may also occur without IgE's intervention, for example the food related allergies aren't related to IgE, but to some bacteria that can create the antigen-antibody issues thereby leading to allergic reactions.


Types of allergies:

Allergies are classified under the following categories: Cause based and Symptoms based. Below are mentioned the allergies categorized under these classifications:

Allergies defined by cause:

1) Inhalant allergy: Allergies caused by inhaling allergens like dust or pollen.
2) Insect allergy: Allergies caused from the bite of some particular insect.
3) Infectious allergy: Allergies induced from flu or cold.
4) Contact Allergy: Allergies caused by the contact of allergens like chemicals, newsprint and latex.
5) Drug allergy: Allergy caused by certain antibiotics. This is a serious form of allergy and might lead to life-threatening situations if not prevented properly.
6) Food allergy: Allergies caused by certain food items, which might create unwanted reactions in the body.
7) Physical agent allergy: Allergy to exercises, and to the factors like outside heat or cold.

Allergies defined by the symptoms:

1) Eczema
2) Hay fever which is also known as allergic rhinitis.
3) Rosacea
4) Skin rashes
5) Anaphylactic shock
6) Hives, which is also called chronic urticaria.



Medications for allergy relief and treatment

Majority of the conventional allergic reactions have their treatments available in proper medication and preventive measures. Anti-allergy treatments are most commonly prescribed medications in the world. Some of the medications might induce side effects on people.

The medications that are used for the treatment of allergies today can be classified under following categories:

Nasal Antihistamines
Nasal antihistamines are the medications for allergy that are ingested through nose and can be used to give relief in allergic reactions of ailments like Asthma.

Oral Antihistamines
The most common form of treatment for allergy is the usage of oral antihistamines, which have been quite popular since 1930s. They are best known to provide temporary relief in case of allergic attacks. Oral antihistamines block the secretion of histamines thereby giving relief from reactions like sneezing, hives and other related symptoms.

Nasal and Oral Decongestants
Oral and Nasal Decongestants can work effectively in healing nasal congestion; however they aren't very effective in treating nasal secretions or sneezing. Decongestants work on drying the tissues present in the nasal passages thereby reducing the swelling in nasal membranes. These decongestants can be found in the form of pills, sprays, liquids and even nose drops. Some of the side-effects that can be caused by these decongestants include lose of appetite, general irritability and insomnia.

Tips and comments

Apart from these treatments measures, the other important treatments for allergy relief consist of Steroidal Nasal Sprays, Non-steroidal Nasal Sprays, Leukotriene modifiers, Anticholinergics and Allergy shot treatments.


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