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What Is the Benefit Of Taking a D Vitamin?

Published at 02/09/2012 16:06:45

What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is made of pro-hormones that are fat-soluble. This is a steroid vitamin that encourages both the metabolism and absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Individuals who are exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight will not require vitamin D supplements since sunlight promotes the right amount of vitamin D synthesis in human skin.

How Does Our System Use This Vitamin?

The D vitamin is biologically inert and needs to go through two hydroxylation reactions in order for it to function in our bodies. In its active form, the D vitamin is called Calcitriol. There are five forms of the D vitamin, D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. It should be noted that Ergocalciferol (D2) and Cholecalciferol (D3) are the ones that are the most essential to human beings. Some recent studies suggest that this vitamin may play an important role in weight loss.

Calcitriol encourages phosphorus and calcium absorption from the food found in our gastrointestinal tract and allows reabsorption of the calcium content back into our kidneys. By doing so, the flow of calcium in the bloodstream is increased. This action prevents hypocalcemic tetany by promoting optimal mineralization of our bones. Hypocalcemic tetany is a condition wherein the calcium levels of the patient is too low. The individual will experience spasms of the extremities and even laryngeal spasms or cramps.

The Benefits Of Taking A D Vitamin

1) Calcium and Phosphorus Regulation

By regulating the phosphorus and calcium levels in our bodies, our bones and teeth remain strong. The D vitamin also prevents calcium from being deposited in places where it should not be like in our heart, blood vessels and our kidneys.

2) Promotes Optimal Cellular Differentiation

Differentiated cells are required to perform tasks that wholly rely on each specific cell type. The D vitamin slows the rate at which cells proliferate or multiply as well. This is why it is considered a cancer-fighting vitamin.

3) Boosts Our Immune System
Calciferol keeps our immune system in the best shape possible. With a sufficient amount in your system, you can expect fewer sick days. You will be less prone to flu, colds and other viral or bacterial conditions.

4) Blood Sugar Regulator

With the right levels of the D vitamin in your system, you will be at a lower risk for developing hyperglycemia, insulin resistance and diabetes type 1 or 2. It helps your pancreas create and secrete insulin. For those people with diabetes, taking a vitamin D supplement will lessen your chances of developing severe complications linked to diabetes.

5) Potent Anti-inflammatory Qualities

Chronic or severe inflammation can lead to conditions like cancer and heart disease. Calciferol is a major anti-inflammatory agent. It has been proven effective at relieving muscular aches and pain.

6) It Lowers Blood Pressure

With the right amount of the D vitamin in your system, you will be at a lower risk of developing hypertension. Sufficient levels of calciferol can even lower a patient’s blood pressure.

Scientific Evidence About Calciferol

Scientists all over the world have reported how a D vitamin deficiency has been linked to Alzheimer's disease, Graves disease, acne, autism, asthma, arthritis, allergies, autoimmune diseases, all types of cancer, fatigue, gluten intolerance, depression, celiac disease, influenza, hypocalcified bones, melanoma, obesity, pneumonia and a number of other diseases. By standing in the sunlight and taking the right dose of D vitamins, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.


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