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Five senses of sensitivity

Normal person with complete senses are lucky enough to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. But there are things that he may experience due to sensitivity such as irritation in the eyes, ears, skin, and allergic rhinitis, respectively. Every part of the body has its own sensitivity that a person should watch out. Every person has his or her own allergy for a thing.

Main function of nose

Nose is the most common portal entry of infections, diseases and allergies. Since its main function is to smell, inhale or exhale things, its purpose is very important and delicate. Hay allergy is another term for allergic rhinitis, which means nose allergy for caused by microorganisms (bacteria, virus and organisms caused by animals), pollen (from flower, plants, and trees) and others such as dust (caused by pollutions, mutated animal dirt and others). A person with bilateral complete cleft lip and palate, where two sides of lips near nose has failure of fusion of the maxillary and medical nasal processes, has a very high risk of hay allergy due to its opening in the nose.

One medicine coming up!

When a person have hay allergy he has often and unusual sneezing, cough and has dry throat due to blocking of mucus in the air passage when breathing, have a runny nose due to inflammation of the inner layer of the nose, nasal congestion and might cause other complications to other senses of the body such as swollen eyes caused by sinus pressure, decrease in hearing due to increase in pressure of too much sneezing and losing the sense of taste. Hay allergy for may also cause complications to other diseases such as oral allergy syndrome due to food intake and medicine intake. The body negatively reacts to the food content such as glucose and soy. When a person has hay allergy, he is prescribed to take lots of bed rest for a faster recovery, drink hot fluids such as milk and tea to decrease the cause of colds and help the person relax, drink some medicines such as antihistamine, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and apply some drops (prescribed by doctors) to help you relieve of hay allergy. Some doctors also believe in “natural medication” where patients are prescribe to eat fresh fruits like citrus (such as orange, lime, and mandarin), vegetables rich in fiber and Vitamin C such as cabbage, green turnips and spinach, to detoxicate the virus and improve immune system, yoga to help release stress, and spend quality time with the family to have a positive cells that according to psychologist helps kill the bad cell caused by any virus and bacteria.

Ending of defeated hay allergy

When following the prescription of the doctors, hygiene and cleanliness around you is always the top priority so that bacteria and viruses will not grow more and multiply more. Whatever the remedy the patient will follow, medical or natural treatment, as long as he gets rid of hay allergy for outside his body, everything will be back to normal and you will be fine. Cheers! to negative hay allergy and cheers to good health.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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