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How To Prevent Blindness

Published at 01/25/2012 01:04:49

About Blindness

Blindness refers to loss of eye vision, either completely or partially. Such conditions can’t be rectified by use of eye glasses or contact lenses. With this impaired vision, people are unable to perceive the environment that surrounds them. With total vision impairment, one cannot see anything whereas people with legal vision impairment have a 20/200 vision ability. Blindness has been caused by a lot of factors ranging from medical complications while others are just born blind. Also some people become blind as a result of accidents and catastrophes in life. It is wise to get treatment at the earliest stages.

Step 1

How People Become Blind

Many health problems have been attributed as major causes of eye impairments but luckily, few precautions exist as well to counter a majority of this. One of the common causes of an inability to see is presence of eye cataracts, especially among persons of old age. This cloud areas present in the eyes cause blurred vision, poor night vision and in some cases, they cause loss of color in vision. Another cause of vision disorder is macular degeneration that affects people of retirement age. Other causes of blindness can be damage to optic nerves that connect the eye with the brain, trauma to the eyes as well as constant exposure to brilliant light.

How To Prevent Blindness

One of the substances that are known to cause blindness is high blood sugars which affect the retina area of the eye. Controlling body sugar levels can be a major step in preventing eye impairment. High sugar levels put you at a high risk of developing impaired eye conditions. It’s important to check your blood pressure. High blood pressure is known to cause vision impairments by bursting blood vessels in the eye. You should always adopt healthy lifestyles by developing good eating habits, having regular body exercises and always managing stress to monitor and control your blood pressure. As a precaution, you should undertake regular eye check ups from eye physicians. Also protecting cataracts in your eyes may prevent eye blindness. This involves avoiding UV radiations which affect the eye lens that focuses light into the eye’s retina. As a prevention measure, you should adopt measures that improve eye circulation such as taking bilberry supplements. Lastly, you should make it a habit of consuming food rich in antioxidants such as carrots and bell peppers.

Treatment of Blindness

Rectifying eye impairments can take various forms depending on the nature and cause of blindness. Eye impairments can be corrected by use of eye glasses or contact lenses especially in cases of blurred eye vision such as in cataracts. Wearing sun glasses can help prevent formation of eye cataracts that form eye impairments. In serious cases of blindness, the condition may necessitate surgical treatments to rectify the eye disorder. Also, cases of macular degeneration render the eye irreparable leading to total blindness with no rectification measures.