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Everyone has a taste in music that is different from others .Similarly there are bands that have different styles of performing and creating music. The main stream musicians and bands have always created a fan following after doing what they do best. Same is the case for a band called Third eye Blind. It is a band that plays alternative rock and is from the city of Sans Francisco, United States of America .It includes two men namely Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan. They have long collaborated among themselves to create not one but two platinum albums under the name of a record company Electra. Third Eye Blind is a great band to listen to.


Third Eye Blind was created back in 1993 when they recorded their first ever demo. The band then continuously recorded demos till 1996. In 1996 they got a break through finally and their demo created a buzz everywhere and got them the attention of a famous record producer and music industry executive Clive Davis who has been instrumental in the career likes of Alicia keys, Rod Stewart, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson. Also Stephen Jenkins helped in producing ‘The Braids’ cover of the famous Queens Song “Bohemian Rhapsody “. It gained them a lot of attention and praise. After this the band has never looked back and they have been on the successful road towards making many new awesome tracks and albums.


Third Eye Blind has seen different band members going and coming to its fold .Since its creation the songwriter Stephen Jenkins has remained with the band whereas Brad Hargreaves has been playing the percussion and drums. Abe Millett, bassist and guitarist, Kryz Reid are now the current band members playing with the band. The Band has hit singles namely Jumper, How’s it going to be and Semi Charmed life. They have so far made four albums that are Eponymous album, Blue, Out of Vein, Red Star, Ursa Major all of which have done very good in the US music scene .The Band has won various awards for their outstanding music and song writing. These awards further reinforce that the band is one that many would like due to their alternative rock music and performances. The notable awards include their first album that won the songwriters Kevin Cadogan and Stephan Jenkins their BAM award. Both were ecstatic and proud for it back in 1998 .Also their hit song that remained NO 1 single on the Us Charts for weeks, “Semi Charmed Life“ was nominated in the Billboard music awards and actually won the award for being the best Modern Track during the Year. Their Popularity and increasing focus on their awesome music was not lost on the America Music Awards for most liked New Artist.

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Third Eye Blind is not an ordinary band .It has seen its share of ups and downs and is a band that one should listen to. Their hit songs are viral on YouTube or can be googled up.They have quite a fan following and their fifth album is widely anticipated

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/07/2012
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