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Ways To Teach Children To Keep the Eye On the Prize

Published at 02/19/2012 05:51:53


Children are burdened by the expectations of their parents and become bored if they are being pushed to keep their eye on the prize. Parents should learn that children are living creatures who feel and have their own lives and are not programmed devices who would act like robots.

Parents are to be blamed for the children’s wrong upbringing. If the desire to achieve prizes becomes more than the desire to perform well then the performance does suffer and due to the tension of losing the child falls back in his/her ranks. Hence the best way to encourage children to achieve great heights is to relieve them from any tension for performance or getting at the top.

Gently make the child to realize that what he can achieve and what he can get by achieving the prizes. Sometimes the value of the prize may not be so much as is the fame associated with achieving the prize hence the child should be made aware of these things beforehand. Mostly children’s competitions are associated with prizes which are useful to the children and if they are made aware of the contents of the prize then the children are sure to keep the eye on the prise.Never force a child or push the child to perform more than his capability.

This not only leads to an unsuccessful pursuit for the top spot but also becomes a reason due to which the child feels degraded and looses confidence. Hence let the children aim at what is achievable and keep an eye on the goals which are achievable or within their range.Sometimes the prizes themselves are reason why the children perform better than their capability. Children if gently persuaded and made aware of the consequences of performing well can do wonders. But parents should be careful not to overdo the push and maintain a balance for the child to perform well and give good results.

Hence the children who participate in any competition or any game should be gently encouraged to keep the eye on the prize, too. Just performing average may achieve from near and dear ones but going ahead that extra mile may lead the children to the top slot where they can ultimately achieve the prize and a lot of accolades too. Children look unto their parents for praise and appreciation and that is ultimately the biggest prize they would get at any time of their life.


It's always good when children win prizes, but it's perfectly all right if they fail to do so.  Just encourage them to do their best.