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What New Eye Surgery Treats Cataracts

Published at 01/27/2012 21:26:53

Cataract and its Causes

Cataract is an eye disease which usually happens in older people. Especially those who reach an age of over 60 years. A white layers forms on the eyes, which leads to blurred vision. And some severe cases may lead to blindness, if not treated. Since vision is a very important thing, and nothing could be done with it, so cataract can cause a lot of problem in many things, like driving and performing other functions due to blurred vision. Mainly cataracts occur by age, but sometimes, newborn babies also have this problem, due to some complications in pregnancy. Apart from that it can be a hereditary problem as well.

Previous Treatments

Previously, cataracts disease was not as common as it is nowadays. It was not much a deal in the olden days, and now it is transferred genetically. There was not much of the technology previously, and so there were some simple surgeries that were used to treat cataracts. Now, the advancement in technology has led to the introduction of new ways to treat cataracts. One new eye surgery to solve the problem of cataracts is mentioned below.

Laser Surgery

On this world of technology, laser has become an important thing in medical world. a number of surgeries, nowadays do not require cutting and stitching, and instead everything is done by laser. The new eye surgery for cataract involves the laser treatment. Cataract can be solved using laser treatment. Since it is painful, the patient is given anesthesia, and once the surgery is over, patient is still kept unconscious, because it is painful afterwards also. The white layer that appears on the eyes is removed by laser and an artificial lens is placed in the eye that improves vision.

Who Can get Laser Surgery for Cataract

This new eye surgery can be done by anybody who has the problem of cataract. Those who have it genetically can have a simple surgery; however this new eye surgery may involve a few complications if the problem is severe. Once the surgery is done, the doctor examines the patient to know whether he needs to come for a follow up or not.

After Surgery Care

Thought this laser surgery is not a very big surgery and nowadays, many people undergo it, but there are a few important things that the patient must take care of after the surgery. After this new eye surgery, the patient must specially take care of not lifting heavy objects. All this special care that the patient must take care of is informed by the doctors. If the patient keeps himself from all the things that the doctor has forbidden for some time, he will recover soon. Incase if not being careful, recovery can be delayed.

The problem of cataracts has become a common problem these days, and most of the people who go above the age of 60 get the laser surgery, so it is not something dangerous or worrisome. It’s just that a little bit of care is needed.


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