How Effective Is Corrective Eye Surgery?
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How Effective Is Corrective Eye Surgery?

Published at 01/31/2012 14:21:15


How Effective Is Corrective Eye Surgery?

In this new day and age, to reduce an individual’s dependence on spectacles and contact lenses, a number of new and improved techniques have immerged to help people correct this defect of theirs. Corrective Eye surgery which is an answer to many individual problems is a great solution. Not only that, it has also made many advances in the recent years which makes the corrective eye surgery a lot more safer with increased chances of success. Corrective eye surgery is basically done to correct the refraction of the eye so that people would have a complete and perfect vision.


Corrective Eye surgery was basically done by 50 years ago by Sato at Juntendo University in Japan. The procedure involved posterior internal incisions which however were not very successful. The corrective eye surgery is of many kinds For Example Radial Keratotomy, Photorefractive keratotomy, Laser in Situ Keratomileusis, femtosecond laser-assisted, conductive keratoplasty etc. It depends upon person to person that what kind of surgery he is required to get.


There are many factors that can prevent a person from getting the surgery he is required to get. For Example, many people are suffering from certain diseases which might cause some side affects if the person has the surgery. Next the people who have very high refractive errors are also not eligible for the surgery. Lastly, if a person has a previous record of ocular surgery, that might prevent him from having the corrective eye surgery. Before performing the procedure, the doctors make sure that the person is completely eligible and for that there are a number of conditions. Number one the patient should be 18 years or older. Secondly the patient has to have the same eyesight number for at least of year or more. Thirdly, the patient should not be pregnant at the time of surgery or even nursing a child. Moreover, if you are worried about the cost of the surgery keep in mind that the costs vary from person to person and from clinic to clinic. It might be that some clinics do the surgery at a very cheap rat however, others are very costly. But the conditions would be different. For example, in a clinic with high costs, it might be that the doctor is very experienced; the clinic has state of the art surgical instruments and machines. Moreover, the success rate of that clinic is very high or hygiene conditions are top of the class. In the past years due to the improvement in medical sciences, corrective eye surgery has become one of the safest ways of treating your eye sight and it has a very success rate as well. But it has a number of side effects as well like dryness, over-corrected or under corrected vision, inability to wear contact lenses after the surgery and in extreme cases, vision loss.

Tips and comments

Before going for corrective eye surgery make sure you are completely eligible for it so that you will not have side effects in the future. Also, the clinic and the doctor that you are choosing for you surgery is a certified professional with a high success rate and good hygienic conditions.


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