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Great Advice For Surgery Eye Laser

Surgery Eye Laser

Most times we find ourselves in situations when our eyes turn out to be giving us so many problems but if you are one of the many people out there that hates to wear glasses or contact lens then you might be the best person to consider a surgery eye laser. Most times people get scared when they hear the word surgery but the surgery eye laser does not entail any knives or stitching, etc. This only helps to correct your vision so that you are able to see without any glasses or contact lens. Laser eye surgery recovery Is the most important part to determine the successfulness of the surgery. What many people do not know is that, surgery eye laser after being completed with an individual can take from one to three or even four months to completely heal and after it has healed you will be perfectly fine but there are so many things you have to take into consideration before you have surgery eye laser and after you have had it.

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Some advice after you have had surgery eye laser

• After you have had the laser eye surgery, it will be best if you take things easy and make sure you stay away from all activities that will need you to use so much strength and effort.
• Rest more after a surgery eye laser and do as much as you can to avoid reading, watching television,, using the computer, etc.
• Make sure you do not ignore the drugs and medication given to you by the doctor because it is the only way you can be completely healed.
• It will also be best if you wear protective eye masks to prevent you from scratching your eyes when they itch because during the healing process they will feel itchy at some point in time.
• Avoid the intake of alcohol because it raises blood pressure which might end up bringing complications to surgery.
• Do not smoke because it makes your eyes to dry more and increases the rate of eye irritation.
• Make ups should not be applied to the face unless your doctors approves of it
• Make sure no shampoo gets into your eyes for at least the first two weeks after your surgery.
• Instead of showers, take baths.
• Prevent swimming in pools for at two weeks after surgery.


Planning to have a surgery eye laser correction

• Make sure your doctor has a total check up or test on you before surgery eye laser is done because not every eye is compatible with laser eye surgery.
• Make sure you have a budget.
• Having good vision is the best gift to have so been bold if you know it is really what you want is best and let your family know about it.

Some tips to help you live peacefully with surgery eye laser

• Make sure you are completely aware of all restrictions after surgery before you have it especially for smoke addicts that will find it difficult to stop the habit.
• Do not rush into the decision; make sure you are completely certain you want it.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/01/2012
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