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How To Choose a Good Laser Eye Clinic

Published at 02/01/2012 02:17:15


The eye is the door to life. One may suffer from problems of vision in ones life which is completely normal. While you search for a treatment plan you want the best out there. So here are a few things you need to look out before you choose... Laser eye clinic surgeries are catching a lot of attention as its new and has low side effects, in addition to a lifelong relieved outcome.

Step 1

Many laser eye clinic facilities base themselves upon the latest technology settings. They claim to have the best technology. What you have to look out whether the provided level is govt. Approved and if otherwise under research process, what is the data outcome of previous tries on cases and controls. The thing that relates here is the wave front & custom ablations meaning what’s your optical condition of treatment requiring eye. Be aware of what kind of treatment you are in for what you actually are paying for so as a patient you have the right to ask for documentation on your visual tests and wave front map (one that decides what kind of treatment will be required and is suitable for you).

Step 2

In many laser eye clinic facilities, the next thing you have to be very careful about, is the surgeon who is operating or in charge of your case. Where did he get his training from? Is he experienced in the relative field? His follow up process and experience with the previous patients? Evaluation process, this is important as in this point the concern doctor or panel of doctors, how they go through doing your pre-operative evaluation. Your doctor must check your eye vision, refraction, cornea, pupil, slit lamp examination, corneal measurements and your general vitals and systemic evaluation.

Step 3

Now that you will have is the surgery in the laser eye clinic, it’s your right that the procedure to be explained and your consent to be taken by the surgeon operating in the laser eye clinic. Some things will involve junior doctors to go through these steps and it’s completely normal. Surgery is a team effort with each eye as a separate patient in laser eye clinic. It reduces the risks for infection and complications.
Wishing you had a perfect surgery, post-operative care is as important as anything else. It should be made available at the very same laser eye clinic you were operated so as to avoid untrained doctors anywhere else.


Before you leave the place to go happily home, do ask the attending doctor about the long term complication as if they arise what is the policy of the laser eye clinic for your retreatment surgery. Some clinics offer the service while others don’t. So as per conditions suitable for you, you need to understand the risks.

The last but the main problem is pricing of the procedure, here in our settings it’s the major factor that drives our wishes and quality of health care to be seek. Keep in mind that it’s a competitive and expensive procedure undergone by highly experienced and quality machines. So it could worth accordingly but none of it matters in the long end as far you are provided with the best quality care.

Usually it’s being mentioned in the consultation sitting between doctor and patients. Do settle this before you plan on having a surgery. You have the right to try out other price & quality settings.
Keep in mind that it’s not a reversible process & can be unforgiving.