What Are the Causes Of Dark Eye Circles?
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What Are the Causes Of Dark Eye Circles?

Published at 02/01/2012 02:33:42


What Are the Causes Of Dark Eye Circles?

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and your jaw drops in horror because you have those dirty, disgusting dark eye circles underneath your eye? You try to do everything you can to get rid of them whether its home remedies or clinical treatment, which not only causes you a lot of inconvenience but also a lot of money. Whether it’s rubbing lemon juice under your eyes or wearing a mask of a mixture of eggs, yogurt and turmeric powder, you go to different lengths just to get rid of them but sometimes they do not work.


The dark eye circles are every girl’s nightmare, not only they make you look tired and dull but also they make your skin look darker. You try to hide them with makeup but that is not a permanent solution, and because of that, many girls even lose their self-confidence as they think they are ugly.


Over the years there has been a lot of research by skin specialists, beauty experts and medical practitioners over the causes of dark circles. It is really interesting to know what actually causes these dark eye circles to be formed underneath your eye over a couple of nights. Especially when you are getting enough sleep, taking good care of your skin, rubbing lotion every night, using night creams and what not, you are really intrigued to know what causes them. The biggest misconception about the dark circles is that they are caused by not getting enough sleep or staying up late at night. This concept is miles from the truth. Dark eye circles are actually caused by hemoglobin degradation. Now you may ask what hemoglobin degradation is? To explain it in laymans terms, hemoglobin degradation actually happens when your red blood cells get lost in your capillaries. This is not a big issue but the enzymes in your body break them down to keep your body’s system in order. When the red blood cells break down the hemoglobin releases which actually gives that dark color underneath your eyes. To cure the dark eye circles, first of all try to improve your diet. A healthy diet is the first step towards getting rid of these circles. Secondly, lightly tap your eyes to increase the blood circulation in them. Drink plenty of water and even keep cotton balls dipped in cucumber juice on your eyes. Apart from that, there are certain creams as well that are designed for this purpose.

Tips and comments

Before using these remedies it is better to consult your doctor to determine the actual reason for the dark circles being formed under your skin to get better treatment. Moreover, do not use any cream without the doctor’s prescription in case it causes any skin infection. Many dark circles are even caused because of an allergy that is why people who are suffering from allergies should consult a doctor first.