What Is the Average Laser Eye Surgery Cost?
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What Is the Average Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

Published at 02/07/2012 16:56:03


What Is the Average Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

Thanks to the developing technologies, it is now possible for a person with weak eyesight to get a permanent solution; and that too without any eye gear. One can nowadays get a quick and easy solution to the weakening eyesight by a non-invasive surgical procedure performed using LASER. The demand for this surgery has considerably increased in the past three years, and to meet this rising demand, a number of clinics and special facilities have opened up sporadically. Laser Eye Surgery cost depends upon a number of factors, like; facility where the surgery is undertaken, fee of the surgeon, number of eyes to be treated, condition of the eye that needs to be surgically treated, particular procedure type (is discussed below), and whether there is any offer on the table regarding promotion of the clinic etc. Even though price is often a deal breaker, but Laser Eye Surgery cost alone should not be a deciding factor.


What Is the Average Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

LASER eye surgery as an alternate to a corrective eye gear was first introduced in 1973. Gradually as technology evolved, so did the method of surgery. Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA are among the countries which have gained much expertise in this field. The basic idea behind using LASER, is to reshape cornea so that clarity of vision can be attained. It is a non-invasive method, that means that there are no cuts and punctures, therefore, many complications (infections and healing time) can be avoided. But still caution is advised, as the whole procedure deals with a very sensitive area of human body. Laser Eye Surgery cost varies according to the country in which one is to undergo the procedure, but to give the reader a fair amount of idea, the whole cost is broken up into modules.


What Is the Average Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

First comes the Consultation Fee, which can be anywhere in between £50-£100 ($75-$150). After consultation, doctor may recommend the corrective surgery required. It will most probably be one of the following:

  • Standard LASIK cost range is from £400-£1600 per eye. Very few people will fall in the lower end of the range because of their almost normal eyesight. The range may be deceptive, so whoever goes on to choose Standard LASIK must keep in mind the higher end price i.e. almost around £1500.
  • New LASIK also called LASIK Wavefront costs around £1500-£2000 per eye. The additional cost goes into mapping the exact position of the cornea before the procedure by using Wavefront technology.
  • Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) costs around £700-£1000 per eye. As it is one of the older methods (1987), therefore the price range is lower.
  • LASEK is a slight modification of PRK, and costs around £500-£1300 per eye.
  • Epi-LASEK is also another variation of PRK and costs around £500-£1400 per eye.

If the surgery for both eyes is required the total Laser Eye Surgery cost will be doubled.

Tips and comments

If you are considering any of the above mentioned surgical procedures, then it is advised that you must first get a consultation from a specialist. As all these prices are “advertised”; to get a real estimate you must take into account, the post surgery recuperation time, hospital or clinic fee, medication fee, travelling costs, and probable complications that may occur during or after the surgery. Laser Eye Surgery cost may vary from the estimates because of the exchange rate conversions. It is advisable to check out the latest prices in your own home countries, before spending money on consultation.