Find the Cost Eye Laser Surgery
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Find the Cost Eye Laser Surgery

Published at 02/03/2012 20:08:36


Find the Cost Eye Laser Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a recent trend that has helped people with the problems of their short sighted ness and far sighted ness. They let people let go of their glasses for good. They numb the eye that is being treated by anesthetic drops. The surgery changes the contour of the cornea of the eye for good.


This procedure is known for having a few side effects and that’s why it’s been modified over the years to make sure the side effects are minimum. Even though the percentage of side effects is lower than 5%, it is still a big number. Some people face the glare effects when driving at night. This is known to happen right after the surgery. Some people are known to lose a lot of their vision. This is one of the most serious side effects of laser eye surgery. The cost of eye laser surgery varies. They can vary according to the treatment and the clinic. The cost laser eye surgery is different in different clinics and the treatments also vary.


When you do a review of the cost eye laser surgery, it would be advisable to look at the features of the treatment. Go into detail. Some clinics offer cheaper prices but the procedure isn’t up to the standard. The consultation for a laser eye surgery alone will cost about 175 pounds. The surgery on its own would start from 400 pounds and go up to 1500 pounds or more. If you do your research you may come across clinics that offer a free consultation of the eye laser surgery. This would result in lesser cost eye laser surgery. Now the actual cost eye laser surgery varies according to your eyes. Some people just need small procedures done and so they don’t cost too much. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same cost eye laser surgery will apply to you as well. The cost eye laser surgery goes up with your prescription. It wouldn’t be wise of you to arrive at the clinic and expect the least possible cost eye laser surgery as the cost laser eye surgery varies and is determined by your eyes only. If you decide to go for the added services, such as the wavefront, or intralase then the cost laser surgery will definitely go up.

Tips and comments

There are certain factors that affect cost eye laser surgery. The first factor is the prescription, as mentioned earlier as well, the higher your prescription, the higher the cost eye laser surgery you will have to pay. Some clinics have a standard price though, but not all. The second factor affecting the cost eye laser surgery is that of the procedure, if it’s the basic procedure then it will be cheaper, if it’s with the add-ons then the price will be more. The third factor includes the surgeon and the clinic, if the surgeon is more experienced and renowned, he will charge more. If the clinic is known for its success rates then the cost eye laser surgery will be more.