How To Get Correction Eye Surgery
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How To Get Correction Eye Surgery

Published at 02/03/2012 20:04:49


How To Get Correction Eye Surgery

The only correction tool available for centuries before had been the glasses. There was no laser surgery, there was no use of contact lenses, and no other such procedures to help correct the vision of the eye. Correction eye surgery is a relatively new and fast growing concept. People have started getting laser surgery done and using contacts a lot more widely now. They feel they don’t have to be bound by the curse of wearing glasses all the time.

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The advent of the correction eye surgery has led to a lot of impossible procedures being possible. The correction eye surgery is now known for the reshaping of the eyes surface, bringing the vision back to the people and most of all getting them to let go off the glasses forever. The last 25 years have been responsible for the evolution in correction eye surgery. There were Radial Keratotomy used initially, and its several types emerged, later on LASEK came into being. And now we hear about the several new types of this surgery.

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One factor that we all don’t know about our eyes is, that our eyes age as we age. Therefore correction eye surgery and its requirements may also change with the passage of time. the LASEK procedure that is suitable for an 18 year old may not be applicable to a 38 year old. As we get older, the chance of regaining vision through correction eye surgery is very low. And even children who are very young or teenagers may not qualify either. Some people has various other diseases that hinder their chances of correction eye surgery. If you have diabetes, your ability to heal wounds will be hindered, this may lead to you not being eligible for certain types of correction eye surgery. Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo any eye surgery. The correction eye surgery is basically a surgery that corrects your far sighted ness or you’re near sightedness. There isn’t a surgery that corrects both the conditions though. People, who haven’t seen any changes in their prescription for years, are the most eligible for correction eye surgery. The shape of your cornea and pupil can also help determine your eligibility for correction eye surgery.


It is recommended to get correction eye surgery only when the shape of your eyes has been constant and hasn’t changed in a long time period. This usually happens sometime after 18 years. LASEK is the most recommended procedure, it is claimed to be the safest procedure. This is recommended as the most favorable for people who lead a very active life style. Some surgeons recommend PRK and LASIK because it helps in being the safest as the one with the lesser complications. Monovision is also a popular procedure for people who are above 40. Some people however find it hard to adjust to this procedure. Therefore the first recommendation is to wear contacts and evaluating its effects and if that works for you, the surgery will too.