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Published at 03/06/2012 09:35:27


A cancer society is an organization dedicated to educating people about life-threatening diseases. The American Cancer Society and the Cancer Society remain two of the most prevalent organizations in the United States, but a number of other societies exist around the world as well. A cancer society provides information about medical conditions, helpful resources for cancer patients and community outreach programs for everyone stricken with cancer.



Research and Development

A cancer society strives to find treatments, cures and medications for medical conditions through research and development. An organization may receive government funding and grants to achieve its goals. Research may come in the form of clinical trials, which may involve testing new procedures and drugs on people with deadly conditions. The research takes in-depth looks into various cancer types such as colon and breast cancer. A cancer society may also compile statistics based on the amount of deaths associated with incurable diseases. Since many types of cancer tend to be difficult to treat, research is extremely important.


A cancer society may offer programs for people who need treatment but cannot pay for services, surgeries and medications. Outreach programs in low-income communities help people with life-threatening conditions get the medications, therapy and other services they need at no to low cost. The programs may include health screenings like mammograms. The programs may depend on the help of government funding, volunteer workers and other means to be successful.


Finding Help

People can visit a cancer society or its website for helpful resources. A cancer society offers support and treatment options to families coping with their loved ones' condition. Support may include online communities and forums. It can also be places located near patients and their families. These places often include doctors' offices, hospitals and clinics that deal specifically with cancer patients.


Anyone may volunteer to help a cancer society provide services. The volunteers come from all age groups and backgrounds. Some may be cancer survivors who lend emotional support to others in need. People who work as volunteers may chaperone cancer patients when they go on appointments, attend public functions or simply need to get out of the house. Volunteering requires contacting a society and offering services. Volunteers may also need to complete an application process before joining.

Special Events and Charities

A cancer society may hold special events or charities to raise money or inform communities about diseases. Events may be held in communities or in locations across the country. Popular charities and events include breast cancer walks. Schools may help by providing fundraisers in the community. The money raised through special events help fund groundbreaking research programs used for cancer.

Tips and comments

The great works provided by a cancer society continues to break new ground. A society's main goal is to find cures for conditions. With the support of the community at large, an organization that strives for this goal may someday succeed. A society continues to be a place of hope to people with cancer. Without hope, many people may not survive their ordeal.


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