What Is the Final Stage Of Breast Cancer?
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What Is the Final Stage Of Breast Cancer?

Published at 03/10/2012 21:01:21

Breast Cancer Introduced

What Is the Final Stage Of Breast Cancer?

Cancer is one deadly disease. The numbers can show how serious this disease can be to a person. It may come in different types but most of them can cause people to die since most cancer types are incurable. Treatments for cancer may be available and even medical procedures that could also elevate the survival rates of cancer but there is still no proven cure for such disease.

One cancer that has been troubling people around the world, especially women, is breast cancer. This type of cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and a lot of women are being diagnosed with it each year.

Staging of Breast Cancer

What Is the Final Stage Of Breast Cancer?

In every cancer, it is important to know the stages of the disease. The determination of the stage a cancer is already in can be very crucial for the treatments and procedures to work effectively. Knowing the breast cancer stage will also be essential in figuring out how the cancer cells are developing and how it can be stopped and eliminated.

In breast cancer, the staging involves three main elements that are used to determine the correct stage of the cancer. This staging for breast cancer is called TNM staging system. This is just shorthand of the words Tumor, Node, and Metastasis. The tumor size is one of the important factors being considered since it can tell the doctors how the cancer is working r developing. The nodes are also examined to determine how many of the lymph nodes are already test positive with cancer cells. While metastasis will figure out how the cancer has spread and affected other organs or tissues in the body.

Stages and The Final Stage

What Is the Final Stage Of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer stage can start with Stage 0 to Stage 4. If the breast cancer is in Stage 0, it means that the cancer is still described as non-invasive cancer of the breast tumors. It further means that there is no trace of any malevolent growth of cells that have broken out from the cells they started in.

Once the malignant cells have started affecting the neighboring tissues of the breast then it already has climbed up to Stage 1. The cancer tumor is said to be at least 2 centimeters during this breast cancer stage. Once Stage 2 kicks in, it means that the survival rate of the patient has already gone down to 60% and the survival year span is only 5 years. And Stage 3 just means the cancer is not getting better and it has spread to the neighboring tissues outside the region of the breast.

The final breast cancer stage is already considered the terminal stage. This means that the invasive cancer have already spread to the other parts of the body. The survival rate has gone down to just 10% in this stage.

Earlier Stages Should Be Determined Soon

The stages of diseases like cancer are crucial for the patient to determine the survival rates and the treatments that can still be effective for the patient. Determining the breast cancer stage earlier is going to help the patient have a better chance of surviving.


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