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Survivors at your service

Cancer survivors wanted to share the beauty of life by dedicating themselves to help other cancer patients through putting up an organization or a foundation, like American Cancer Society. This kind of organization is not just the people who survived cancer disease, but also people whose love ones died because of cancer. Their love for the family member who died because of this fatal disease, continue their support by helping other people fight for their survival.

Patients and its constituent

American Cancer Society is composed of voluntary members, whose advocacy according to them is to "eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and services". The doctors and other professionals in American Cancer Society focus their attention on how to defeat cancer from its early stage until the advanced stage. With the help of the advanced technology in the United States, it would be easier for them to diagnose and study cancer disease. This kind of organization focused mainly their attention in studying the details about cancer, kinds of cancer and how they mutate or how they multiply and damaged the patient's body. The study of this fatal disease is not easy to handle since it starts from other symptoms and other diseases such as Anemia, Tumor, and even viruses or diseases such as Hepatitis B which lead to Liver Cancer. American Cancer Society also gives emotional and psychological help to cancer patients. They help them realize why they should undergo such medical treatment, giving them enough knowledge about the medicines or medical treatment given to them, and support them emotionally why they should experience these sufferings from the chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Giving them these especial attention will help them realized that they are not alone in defeating such fatal disease.

More action for a remarkable disease

American Cancer Society is also dynamic in other social activities so that the cancer patients, for quite some time, will forget about their situation. There activities includes run for a cause such as 4K for cancer, projects such as Great American Smokeout, and other public health campaigns. In this way, people without cancer will be aware of this fatal disease and also to remind the people to take good care of themselves and the rest of the family to avoid such disease.

Tips and comments

Cancer as a disease is now fast approaching and spreading around the global. Because of the fast phase of life and the continuous changing of the environment, virus and bacteria easily to develop and evolves in a contagious disease that lead to cancer in the long run. Remember that not all cancer is diagnosed in the early stage. There are some kinds of cancer that can be seen if the patient's body is already succumbing to cancer. People are lucky enough to know about American Cancer Society and fortunate enough that this organization has been built. The whole organization, American Cancer Society will always be there for them to give them enough strength and too much understanding that there is a future waiting for them.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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