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About the Cancer Society in the Uk


Cancer Research UK is the leading cancer UK resource center. It is a registered, charitable organization that focuses on cancer research, support/assistance to victims and families, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is an independent society which ensures that cancer issues are addressed by policymakers. The organization's influence and positive contributions to research not only benefits cancer patients in the UK, but also all over the world.


It was founded 40 years ago to address cancer UK issues with the aim of promoting research on the disease. The organization supports clinical trials to find ways to cure the disease assisted by nearly 30,000 volunteers.

From cancer UK statistics to receiving support on cancer issues, Cancer Research UK is there to help people in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Based on the 2010/2011 report of the organization, there are £433 million available funds for the various activities of the Cancer Research UK.

Cancer research is the main objective of the organization by supporting and funding the work of 4,000 scientists and medical researchers across the UK. Cancer UK attempts to understand the causes of cancer, diagnose the disease and find breakthrough treatments.

These types of cancer include breast, prostate, bowel, leukemia, skin, lung, ovarian, bladder, pancreatic, and all other types of cancer. There are 305,000 cases of cancer reported in the UK with 155,600 resulting to deaths (LittleBook 201011, Cancer Research UK).

Its website has a gamut of resources from news and resources on cancer UK to reducing risks of the disease. It has also 24-hour helpline on what to do when you are diagnosed with cancer.

Online publications are available to those who wish to seek information on the subject matter from awareness and cancer statistics to brief sheets and cancer profiles. Health professionals and medical workers will also find that the site has plenty of info to offer through cancer UK CancerStats and News and Resource Center sections.

CancerStats is a series of reports on the disease including an epidemiology, statistics, and treatment options while Key Facts provide detailed and  updated stats on the disease such as mortality, survival, and incidence rates.

Cancer UK is involved in many organizations. It is a founding member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), bringing all those funding cancer UK research. In the pharmaceutical industry, it owns Cancer Research Technology (CRT), where drugs are clinically tested on patients and based on success, is licensed and sold for cancer treatments. Sales and royalties go back to the pool of funds for cancer UK research. A few of the cancer drugs that its researchers and scientists helped discover include temolozomide, herceptin, carboplatin, and tamoxifen (Cancer Research UK).

Everyone who wishes to get involved in cancer research can find opportunities in cancer UK either through working for the organization, making a donation, participating in cancer events and campaigns organized by the society, or simply volunteering time. As a citizen, you can even leave legacies to the organization or donate regularly for the cause.



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