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What Are the Different Colors For Cancer Bracelets


The whole craze for cancer bracelets started back in 2004 when Nike and Lance Armstrong joined together to make yellow bracelets that said "LIVESTRONG "on them to help raise money for cancer research and awareness.

The color was for the yellow jersey that Lance wore during the Tour de France. Lance won the race seven times, and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since then the foundation, whose goal was to raise a couple of million dollars, has already raised more than 70 million dollars. The bracelets have been worn by Oprah, Katie Couric, and numerous celebrities.  The Livestrong braceletsinspired other cancer organizations to adopt the same idea and help raise money.

The bracelets cancer is such a good idea because they are cheap to manufacture, and they are also cheap to sell. Almost any cancer foundation has them anymore and they are becoming easily recognized. The bracelets do have many purposes and can be easily taken off when they need to be. They can also be worn by men, women and children.

Everyone knows that the pink bracelet is the symbol for breast cancer. They not only have the bracelet, but clothing, house ware items and some companies even put out special products in the month of October that are made punk just to raise money for breast cancer research. Some of the other colors for the bracelets are grey for brain cancer, gold is for all childhood cancers, red is for aids, dark blue is for colon cancer, purple is for Alzheimer's and lupus, teal is for ovarian cancer, white is for lung cancer, and light blue is for prostate cancer. There are more colors for the bracelets but these are some that are more known by people.

The bracelets cancer can be bought usually on the supporting website for each of the cancers, and when you do go to purchase one, make sure part of the proceeds go back to the cancer if represents. Bracelets are not the only thing that cancer foundations are doing these days. There are many that also have a yearly walk where the people that sign up to walk and take donations for the miles that they have completes. This helps to raise money for each foundation and there are many in most cities all year long. You can usually find out about the walks on the community news section of your newspaper. There are not only bracelets for cancer being made there are also bracelets for different mental diseases and for domestic violence.


If you are going to buy one of the bracelets cancer you should:

  • Make sure the proceeds are going back to the foundation for cancer research.
  • Look and see if there are other items they sell that you might be interested in.
  • Many places now have household items to include coffee cups and travel mugs.
  • Participate to help raise more money for the cancer foundations.
By Sally Vigil, published at 02/26/2012
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