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Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer may find the newest therapies confusing at first, even though they may help in the long run.  There are many new cancer prostate therapy trials going on and most of them have very promising results. The faster any cancer is caught the better the outcome will usually be. The first thing your doctor will do is determine the grade and stage of your cancer, your age, your lifestyle and other important factors.  The doctor will also ask about any other medical conditions you may have. But the ultimate decision on your treatment will be left up to you, with your doctor being the one to fully explain all of the options that are available to you.


Early stage prostate cancer is a cancer that has been caught soon enough and is still entirely in the prostate gland. It has not spread to other tissues or the bone. It is considered a low risk cancer and can be treated fairly easy and has the highest cure rate. Three options are available for early stage cancer prostate therapy and they include surgery, radiation therapy and keeping a very close eye on the cancer. For the advance prostate cancer there is no cure but they can control the cancer. Men can live for years with controlled prostate cancer. For advanced prostate cancer, are often treated with a combination of therapies to include surgery, radiation, hormone therapy and chemo. The survival rate has shown to be higher with a combination of treatments for advanced prostate cancer. Some of the complications from having radiation therapy with advanced prostate cancer can include short term bladder infections and intestinal infections. You can also experience fatigue after having the cancer treatment.


Just like breast cancer in women, prostate cancer grows faster if there are high levels of testosterone and androgens in the body. Therapy can block these and can block the progression of the disease. Using hormonal therapy can cause other complications that include erectile dysfunction, loss of desire for sex, hot flashes, being tired loss of bone density and muscle mass. It can also make the person gain weight. One of the latest cancer prostate therapy is palliative therapy. Using this can help to relieve the pain and reduce some of the symptoms that are associated with prostate cancer. Some of these will also help relieve bone pain. There are new clinical trials available for prostate cancer patients, and if you qualify, some of these may work when others did not. There are also chemotherapy drugs that can be used that are not in any clinical trial right now that can also help.

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If you are having any symptoms of having an enlarged prostate, such as difficulty urinating, blood in urine or semen or swelling in the legs, it might be time to visit a doctor for a prostate exam. Early detection is your best defense against prostate cancer. There are many cancer prostate therapy advances that are being made each year to help treat and cure one of prostate cancer.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/21/2012
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