How To Prevent Brain Diseases
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How To Prevent Brain Diseases

Published at 01/08/2012 12:24:46


How To Prevent Brain Diseases

As a person gets older, development of degenerative diseases is inevitable. It is a mere fact that when an individual reaches the age of 50 and above, several medical conditions start to manifest. The primary reason these conditions happen is because of the weakening of the major organs. Throughout the years the different organs in the body is the vital reason of human survival. In time, these organs fail because of the constant used it had resulting to the organs being worn-out. The brain, considered to be the control system of the different organs of the body incurs failure after decades of incessant functioning. However, there are several methods one can do to develop the brain’s functioning. This aids in delaying or sometimes inhibiting the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. How can one prevent the occurrence brain diseases?  


How To Prevent Brain Diseases

In terms of brain diseases, it is quite general. Several factors may lead to brain malfunction. It can be through injuries and traumas incurred during accidents. Others are through hereditary disorders that one obtained through their parent’s genes. Huntington’s disease for example is a brain disease resulting to the inability of an individual to control his movement. This brain disease is a genetic disorder that results from a single altered gene conveyed by a parent to the child.  Some like cerebrovascular diseases happens due to the current lifestyle an individual is encompassing. While there certain diseases like brain tumours that are due to environmental factors like radiation. These causes are quite unavoidable; however statics would tell that individuals having these brain disorders are below the average. The highest average is a result of deterioration of the brain itself throughout the years. 


How To Prevent Brain Diseases

One of the few neurodegenerative diseases is dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It is characterized by the inability of an individual to recall certain memory he have during the previous years. These types of brain diseases can be prevented by having mental fitness programs. Mental fitness programs primary focuses on mental exercises such as problem solving, mental games and pattern recognition. Studies show that whenever an individual exercises his brain it strengthens it and prevent brain diseases.  Problem solving is a type of strategic mental game. It is a good exercise for the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Sudoku is a type of a mental problem solving game.

Other forms of mental games involve eye coordination and multi tasking games. Lastly, the pattern recognition is a game that focuses on an individual’s memory abilities and complex analysis that enables one to forecast the next picture in a series. There are other mental exercises one can do. Learning a foreign language also help. Like any forms of exercises that build a strong body, mental exercises should also be done to improve the brains functioning. However, don’t forget to rest your body and mind. Rest or sleep is a very important stage where all cell in the body repair and restore its parts and functions. 

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Aside from mental exercises, taking food supplements like vitamin B also aids in preventing brain diseases. Having a well balanced diet is a key factor to have a healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally. As early as today, one must practice exercise, eating a balance diet, living a healthy lifestyle and incurring appropriate hours of sleep. Today, one may not see the effects it brings but in a few years you will thank yourself for doing it. 


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