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What Are the Signs Of Medical Disease in the Brain

Published at 02/14/2012 06:38:04


There are numerous individuals from around the globe that have been affected by a medical disease in the brain. Such disorder can be very complicated since the brain is the regulator and creator of consciousness, emotions, unconscious actions and thoughts. Your brain is composed of nerves that would communicate to the other parts of your body through electrical impulses. Impeded electrical impulses would lead to impairment of several brain functions which can lead to brain disorders.

Overview of the Signs of Brain Disease

A medical disease in the brain can develop as a result of a serious injury to the brain or due to a tumor, vascular abnormality, infection or other medical condition. With trauma as a cause, signs and results will be moderate to severe depending on the intensity or impact. Trauma in the head can lead to severe complications such as skull fracture, contusions, and ruptures to the blood vessels in the brain that could also cause hematoma.

Milder cases of brain injuries or disorder would usually involve dizziness, lethargy, ringing in the ears, nausea, confusion, memory loss, fatigue, sensitivity to light and headaches. These symptoms are also present in severe cases of such disorders, but these cases involve more convoluted symptoms. The visual signs for the severe cases are behavioral changes, seizures, odd speech patterns, numbness, dilated pupils and excessive sleepiness.

The signs and symptoms of this disease are very essential indicators of serious medical conditions such as aneurysm. This condition can damage the other structures in the brain which would lead to severe headaches and cerebral bleeding. Other symptoms include eye pain, loss of vision and stiffness in the neck.

Common Types of Medical Disease in the Brain


According to the statistics and surveys, there are approximately 155,000 deaths in the United States that are caused by stroke related to brain injuries. The human brain also needs the ample amount of blood and oxygen to survive just like the other significant body organs. Blood flow to the brain can be disrupted by various causes and would then lead to stroke. Early symptoms of this disease include severe headache, paralysis and memory loss.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by physical injuries to the tissues of the brain. An individual affected by such ailment may experience permanent or temporary changes in the brain functions. Severe cases of such mental health ailment can lead to comma, loss of consciousness, and even death. Physical injuries and ruptures in the brain can increase the pressure in the skull.


Brain Tumor

Nearly 36,000 individuals in the USA are diagnosed with such ailment every year. The majority of these patients are men since they have higher chances of being inflicted with such medical disease. A patient with brain tumor has abnormal growth of the cells in the brain. Early symptoms of such ailment must be given the proper attention since it can be a life-threatening ailment.

Tips and comments

The severity of a brain disorder can be identified and measured through various medical tests. Neuropsychologists and mental health experts would use these examinations to isolate the problem to a specific area of the brain. The symptoms for conditions such as head trauma and stroke must not be taken lightly since they can be life-threatening. Always consult the help of a specialist whenever the symptoms of brain medical disease would occur.


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