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what is the most common communicable disease?

Published at 01/10/2012 16:41:34

Communicable Diseases and their impact:

Communicable diseases are the infectious diseases, which are transmitted from one host to another. Such diseases are caused by some microscopic agents such as fungi, virus and bacteria. These agents cause infection within the host body and travel from one host to another through serums. There are varieties of disease that are categorized under disease communicable. The most common diseases that are classified under this category are common cold, pink eye, strep throat and hepatitis. These diseases can be prevented by understanding the characteristics and symptoms. Furthermore, various vaccines can also help in preventing such diseases.

The History of Communicable Disease:

The history of disease communicable can be dated back to the early mankind. In old time people use to believe that every disease is transmitted from one person to another. However, this notion changed with the advent of modern medicine and technology.  The most common disease that feared the people at that time was the small pox and plague. These diseases spread as epidemic during the old times and killed thousands of people from all around the world. The modern science and medicine distinguished the disease communicable from other and worked on their vaccines to prevent their spread.

Most common communicable diseases and their cure:

The most common disease communicable that have feared the world are AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and hepatitis. AIDS is caused by a virus known as the retrovirus; it is a slow virus because it affects the host body slowly. This virus reduces the immune system of the host and makes him or her liable to other disease. The most common symptoms of AIDS is memory loss, depression, sleep disorder and diarrhea. This virus is transmitted through body fluids and sexual intercourses. The next common communicable disease is the small pox. Although, this disease has been eradicated from most part of the world, but still it has caused many deaths around the world. This disease is caused by two viruses the Variola major and Variola minor. The symptoms of this disease are small rashes and blisters all over the body. This disease is the oldest communicable diseases and can be dated back to 10,000 BC. However, with extensive research and study a vaccine was introduced for this disease, which has eradicated it completely from the world.

Tips to prevent the communicable disease:

There are certain tips that can be followed to prevent the communicable disease . The most important step is to get vaccinated. There are many vaccines available in the market that can prevent such diseases. Furthermore, maintaining a healthier lifestyle is another way to prevent the transmission of disease communicable. Taking care during the traveling and sexual intercourse also helps in reducing the risk of such diseases. Small things like washing hands and cleaning things regularly prevent the individual from getting minor to major transmittable disease. Moreover, educating oneself about various causes of disease communicable also helps in prevention of these diseases. This is the reason many government and non-profit organizations are creating awareness about communicable diseases and ways to prevent them. Taking preventive measures will help to remain healthy and strong for a long time.


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