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List Of The Causes Of Communicable Diseases


Communicable diseases are diseases that are spread from one person to another, animal to person or vice versa and also animal to animal. Every person at one point in life is prone to these communicable diseases and it does not matter what age one is in. It is important that you know what causes these communicable diseases to protect you and your family from them.

The lists of communicable diseases as well as its cause depend on a number of factors that will be discussed below. The World Health organization estimates that over sixteen million deaths occur world wide each year from communicable diseases.

Communicable diseases are caused by a different number of pathogens in humans. A list of communicable diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and diphtheria are caused by bacteria. These bacteria are found in the environment around you. You are advised that you keep your hands and body clean to avoid bacterias that may cause communicable diseases. This is because they are highly concentrated in a contaminated environment. It is also advised that you you keep the environment that you are residing in clean to avoid bacterias that will be highly concentrated there. Viruses will also transmit contagious illnesses such as the common cold, hepatitis, the flu and mumps.

Apart from this, communicable diseases can be also spread in other ways. Pathogens can be transmitted through air or even direct touch. Most people ignore these ways in which the list of communicable diseases are transmitted thinking that they cannot get the disease. The environment is one of the primary cause of communicable diseases especially where hygienic practices are not looked into well.

Another cause of communicable diseases is staying around people with these diseases. As earlier said, these diseases are transmitted trough the air and even touching so being around infected people will lead to you contracting these communicable diseases even if you keep your hygiene levels at the best level. Doctors advice for vaccinations that would protect you from contracting these diseases. Vaccines might be ineffective, so avoid contact with those who are ill. You can also contract the mentioned list of communicable diseases when these ill people cough or sneeze.

One may also contract communicable diseases through scratches and animal bites like mosquitoes and contact with their feces or urine. Bacteria that cause communicable diseases prefer these contaminated places, as they provide a virtuous environment for them to exist in. Insects also carry very many agents that cause communicable diseases, for example mosquitoes will cause malaria and other insects carry bacteria that cause diseases like Lyme disease.

The list of various Communicable disease may be caused by in digesting contaminated food that causes a disease commonly known as salmonella, the bacteria causing this is known as tape worm, which mainly affects small children. This is because small children eat anything they come across without minding if it is contaminated or not. Make sure you are eating clean food to avoid communicable diseases.


Knowing these causes of communicable diseases then you will know how to reduce your chances of contracting them.

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