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What are the factors causing heart disease in men?

Published at 01/18/2012 16:00:22


With each passing year, a rapt increase in the number of heart patients each year has been observed worldwide. People of every gender, race and religion are suffering from this lethal disease all around the world. Although men and women both are equally affected by this disease but we will discuss the reasons behind the heart disease in men for now. According to an authentic report from the World Health Organization, it has been proven that over 12 million deaths are caused by heart disease throughout the United States of America.


One of the major causes of heart disease in men causing death is the contraction of those arteries which are meant to supply a heart with oxygen. Usually with this condition, the patient feels a lot of suffocation and pain in the left part of the chest. This heart causing disease is known as Coronary artery disease. Another major heart problem that is observed usually in the people with ages more than 60 is the heart stroke problem which is mainly caused due to high blood pressure. The high blood pressure in the aged people is very common as in that age it is really a hard job to keep the blood pressure steady. On the other hand, the congenital heart causing disease is also found in excess in men and it is caused mainly due to some malfunction in the heart before the time of birth and the reason for it is hitherto undiscovered, but mainly it is referred to as a genetic malfunction or due to some carelessness during pregnancy.


The major reasons behind these diseases in men are well researched and the researchers have succeeded in exposing several reasons behind these diseases which we will be discussing now. High blood pressure is the crown holder of the kingdom of heart diseases as it makes a healthy heart to work in a faulty manner. Also high blood cholesterol is like the queen of this vast and lethal kingdom because it has been seen that men are more attracted towards the high cholesterol food as compared to the women. Having a heart causing disease along with diabetes is like the addition of venom the poison as the death of a person becomes the most likely conclusion of this combination. One of the major reasons behind the high blood pressure and high cholesterol level in men  is the obesity as it makes a person lazy thus causing a damage to the healthy metabolism of the person. But the habitual smoking, lack of any physical activity, increasing age, taking a lot of alcohol or sometimes the inheritance of heart causing diseases is also a key contributor in the thriving field of heart diseases.

Tips and comments

A safe conclusion we can make out of all this discussion is that the root cause of heart diseases is the carelessness of the person towards their eating, physical or other daily activities. Making exercise an essential part of your daily routine, eating healthy food with low cholesterol and reducing the habits of smoking and drinking can prove to be a good remedy for the problem of heart diseases.


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