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The Various Heart Diseases Smoking Causes


Smoking is one of the most harmful activities that a person can engage in. Smoking cases degeneration of the entire body and is among the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world. Smoking is often associated with respiratory problems and cancer of the lungs. Few people also know that there are a number of heart diseases smoking causes. In the U.S. alone, almost 2.5 million die every year due to heart diseases. Out of these, almost half a million deaths are due to the heart diseases smoking causes. Cigarettes also have more than forty carcinogenic substances. Carcinogenic substances are substances which increase the chance of cancer in an person.

The heart is the fuel pump of the body. The lungs have blood vessels which absorb oxygen. This oxygenated blood then enters the heart which pumps the blood to all parts of the boy. When a person smokes, his lungs become inefficient over time. This is because the blood vessels in the lungs become destroyed by the fumes of cigarettes. These blood vessels thus become incapable of absorbing oxygen. This causes breathing problems. The person is unable to breathe properly and gets tired easily. Thus, it is often noticed that smokers are out of breath at the slightest exertion. The heart diseases smoking causes develop slowly over time. The heart simply does not receive enough oxygen to function normally. This is because of the fact that the blood vessels of the lungs have degenerated and whatever blood enters the heart is full of toxins.

The heart diseases smoking causes can be controlled but one must be ready to quit smoking immediately. This gives the body a chance to detoxify and restore normal functioning. If the person is a chain smoker, then the lungs start to degenerate. This is almost like a turbo charger which has no air intake. The body has a hard time to receive enough oxygen. Poor quality blood enters the heart and this causes a malfunction of the heart. The cigarette smoke contains nicotine. This nicotine enters the blood stream through the lungs and then subsequently gains entry into the heart. The heart is very sensitive to toxins and starts to beat irregularly. This is one of the many heart diseases smoking causes. This is also perhaps the most fatal heart diseases smoking causes. Irregular heartbeats almost always lead to a heart attack.

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Other serious heart diseases that smoking causes includes atherosclerosis. When there is too much fatty deposits on the inside walls of the arteries, the arteries reduce in diameter. This means that the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the arteries. This causes a strain on an already malfunctioning heart.

Hypertension is among the most dangerous heart diseases smoking causes. Continuous smoking leads to further decline in the condition of the arteries. Arteries are the nerves that supply oxygen to various parts of the body. If these become affected, then the entire body functions below normal. Clogged arteries increase the chances of blood clots. If such a clot enters the heart, then this causes a fatal heart attack.

By Sia Attavar, published at 02/29/2012
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