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Fortunately There Are 5 Steps To Prevent Heart Disease


Many people in the world are at risk of attaining cardiac associated problems. These are such as diseases of the heart and even heart attacks once in a while, fortunately there are way that have been proven through which a person can avoid being pushed to the limit by this heart related illnesses. Remember that any illness or disease of the heart is fatal and can cause death in the long run. Therefore, pay attention to this article we give the guidelines on how the heart disease can be done away with or can be avoided and also controlled. I'm sure that by the end you will have learnt something about this heart disease.


Many people think that heart disease can only be avoided through medicines, fortunately ,there are many proven ways of healthy living that can be considered in order to avoid this dreadful disease that is encroaching on most people in the world today. Fortunately by adopting and a healthy life style one can avoid heart disease.First avoid nicotine and tobacco. This is because nicotine will clog your veins making them very small thus will be having a very small cross sectional area making the blood flow or pressure increase putting you at risk of heart  attack or heart related illnesses. Fortunately, this can be stopped but through hard work and determination . That is the only way that one can quit smoking.

Try to exercise for about 30 minutes daily. This helps in burning the cholesterol in your veins and also removes the accumulated fat around your heart. Healthy people have to work daily in order to keep heart illnesses at bay and to contain them. This exercises can include jogging, stretching and also weight lifting among many others. Fortunately, the daily house chores such as cleaning the kitchen working on the farm garden and even walking the dog can contribute to putting heart diseases  at bay. If one manages to keep exercising on a daily basis then this will help them keep heart illnesses controlled. Be careful not to over work yourself by overdoing this exercises.


Eat a healthy diet. Approach the diet issue aggressively by eating food with very low quantities of salt and cholesterol. Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide array of low cholesterol cooking fat that one can choose to cook with. If this is done. One will have gone a long way to ensure that heart disease does not prevail. Be consistent and principled in keeping a healthy diet and this will help in putting your heart in a good condition. Avoid red meat .Fortunately you can eat white meat if you must. At Least there is an alternative for that.

Maintain a healthy weight. Do not relax until you are heavy weight as this will put you at great risk of contracting heart disease. You can determine where you lie in weight by calculating your BMI standing for the body mass index. Fortunately, weight is an issue that one can work on and reduce should you realise that you have a faulty body mass index. Men are considered to be overweight if their waist measures more than 40 inches while women can be deemed as overweight if their weight measures 35 above inches. Also make sure that you are checked regularly for health screening, blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases can cause failure of many organs, the heart being one of them.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/18/2012
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Fortunately There Are 5 Steps To Prevent Heart Disease. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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